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  1. yes, to read the link you will need to register, its only a normal forum where you dont have to give to much personal info.


    Glad your sorted with the drive . i did say Thats not to say your burner isnt faulty though.


    My perosnal opinion with media is "you get what you pay for" , although i concede that not everyone can afford to buy the higher end of the quality scale. I do say its a case of find a brand that works on your personal set up, ie burner/firmware /standalone player.


    Fortunately on the 2 occasions i have purchased from ebuyer, everything worked with no problems.

    As for Verbs in the UK , they are readily available online , and probably cheaper than buying in a store.check out svp.co.uk online/mail order, Most of the european beta team have used them and had good service from them. The dual layer mkm-001's are getting harder to get hold of though.


    As for what volvo i own now , i dont anymore . it used to be a truck though, an FL10


    Editted to apologise for spelling, not to correct any mistakes though :rolleyes:


    Yes thankfull still not happy about it though, wasted so uch time so hopefully something additional will be supplied for everything. Yhe, hopefully i'll be able to fid my ideal media. Thanks for the info however much appreciated.


    So your into the trucking industry? Yeh its just that my parents own a S80 atm and we used to have a Volvo 850 GLT which and still is in my opinion so beautifull.

  2. I'm kinda scared to do work on my computer. I have slots for 4 drives though so maybe I should... Do you know a place with a tutorial or something on how to connect drives?



    If you need any additional help just PM me any time and will get back to you as soon as i can, videos and tutorials arn't always the best of guides and i will happily help.




  3. well i just read the link in the thread you posted above, and its not clear if you have tried any other media apart from the Maxell ones.


    This should have been your first move really, as media is the culprit 99% of the time.The fact your maxell discs use ritek dye isnt a good sign to start with


    I find LG to be a decent average type of drive ( had 3 of them so far) and they all work fine still. One of them dates back about 4 years now and is highly reliable.

    Have a look here to see how the results for Maxell with F16 dye are ......... there not brilliant tbh. Just because they worked with a previous drive is no guarantee they will work on another drive

    Maxell F16 media review


    It is a process of elimination, media/firmware/player , youve already got the latest firmware so the next cheapest easiest one to do is media.

    As suggested in that other thread in post #2 by mmalves , try better quality discs. Thats not to say your burner isnt faulty, though trying other media could eliminate the drive is at fault


    I would just lile to thankyou for replying to my post so prompting.

    Yes, I know i have crappy media and i totally agree to the fact that using different media would have been the next step to go but I had not coastered one disc up until the point of trying them out on the new drive and i hadn't coastered a single one on the older drives in which i own. And I also have to agree with your statment that 995 of the media is the problem but in the case i don't think it was the case.

    Today i recieved my new drive from ebuyer all nicely packaged as you expect it to be. I then went ahead and installed the drive into my personal machine, i again tried the same iso and same maxwell media in which i had used previously and the disc image wrote first time without fail. The drive therefore seems to have been at fault all along. I'm happy now the problem is resolved somewhat with the drive giving off positive read and write speeds. However, i am still ticked off with ebuyer and hopefully they can replace the coastered dvd's in which were created and amyve something else for the four previously returned item but that's another story.

    Being a student, I am not able to afford the best and most expensive media which verbs to me do come across as being. When i purchase media, i always go for the least expensive and the most economic and this is mainly due to the fact of me being a student. Also, the availibility of verbs is not the most readily available in my area and due to the fact of me living in the uk. Even though they are not impossible to get hold of it is still just not worth the hassle in my opinion and ussualy when i buy media its becuase i've cleaned out and again i can't afford to stock up. As long as the image writes to the blank media then i have no reason to change my media, not unless i have a whole phase of coasters in which that case yes verbs would be my next move, however, i hope that doesn't happen.

    To push on however, i have now finished with the maxwell media and have moved onto immitation media as this is what came discount with my drive. They also have been fine with my drive but only time will tell if they're up to the job.


    Thankyou once again





    P.S what volvo do you own? =P

  4. Ahh yes, more patched poo from windows has christmas come early? :santa:

    I've seen people have problems with this already, so i'm a little weary of installing it but will do anyway. =D


    Thanks lightning for finding the link, i would have waited for Windows to distribute it through the Windows Update. :thumbup:


    Great success! And we all laugh, high fiave! borat-high-five.jpg

  5. I recently returned my LG drive in which is noted in this post in which i wrote a few weeks ago. I updated the firmware and then sent back the drive and ebuyer didn't question it.

    As for you if your not happy with the drive you should be entilted to a full refund. So it shouldn't be an issue. Does depend on how long you've had it though.

    Sorry I can't answer to the rest of your post.

  6. Ahh yes, more patched poo from windows has christmas come early? :santa:

    I've seen people have problems with this already, so i'm a little weary of installing it but will do anyway. =D


    Thanks lightning for finding the link, i would have waited for Windows to distribute it through the Windows Update. :thumbup:

  7. How long ago did you upgrade to windows 7? When i did a test upgrade i had so many problems actually even finding the DVD drive and was forced to go back to xp. Windows 7 even though being better than vista already is still full of bugs which need to be fixed, which makes sense in why the dvd isn't fully burning to the disc. If it has been doing this ever since you installed 7 then test out your drives on a different machine with a older Windows OS to see if the drive is at fault. If the drive works on a different OS then you know the OS is at fault and vice versa.

    Hope this helps.

  8. well, now that I google "CopyThatGame" it comes up with all kinds of "IT'S A SCAM" stuff.....don't I feel stupid.... :mellow: I am usually VERY careful about what I buy from whom...


    The CopyThatGame site clearly says:


    What consoles will the CopyThatGame System work for?

    The CopyThatGame works for all consoles including PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Gamecube, PSP, Nintendo DS, Playstation, PS One, PS2, Xbox, Dreamcast, and Game Boy/GameBoy Advanced! It even for PC games.




    The games for my consoles come with unbreakable protection, will the software still work?

    The CopyThatGame System is so advanced that it gets through the latest so called unbreakable protection with ease and lets you burn these games to any regular blank CD or DVD.


    Their whole site implies that you are getting "CopyThatGame" software.....it's not until you pay for it and download it that you realize that it's installed ImgBurn which is freeware. :angry:


    I've called my credit card and they said that they can not disput it until it clears my statment....they suggested that I call ClickBank who the transaction went though (they are kinda like a PayPal)....so I'm going to try them tomorrow.


    From reveiwing their site it's very hard to tell that they are not on the level....ClickBank is a reputable compnay and they aer PayPal verfified....and I consider PayPal a trustworthy source as well...

    But I guess that ClickBank and Paypal can only go off what they are told by their clients.....if their cients lie then they are in the same boat that I am.


    I'll let y'all know how it goes......if you pray you might do just that for the pour soul I get on the phone tomorrow at Clickbank if they don't agree to work with me.... lol

    Yeh i'll say a little prayer for you and i really do hope you get your money back. Just shows that you can't trust anybody these days. Sorry for the whole inconvenience.

  9. yes this is a scam, Dorigurl paid for imgburn in which is infact freeware software. yes, img burn can copy bluray discs provided that you have the hardware and media as well as the content on the disc is not copy protected. PS3 games as mmvlaves quite rightly said are copy right protected in which imgburn cannot copy and will never be able to do so, so to actually to conclue from this you can't copy ps3 games using imgburn.

  10. Can you try that drive on another computer? If you can, try the firmware update on the other computer too.


    Unfortunately I only have this one computer here in my house.


    have you got possibly a different drive you could use as a tester or get hold of another instead of throwing the whole pc out of the window? Sounds as if your drive is on the way out if its not updating the firmware or as other people have said, test your burner on a friends pc as its just an allimination process. =)

  11. And I appreciate your suggestion. Attempting to burn the disc on a 32 bit platform is a perfectly logical step to take when trying to diagnose a problem. And I even will partition my drive and but xp 32 bit on it anyway, not just for this but for other compatibility problems i might have too. I didn't want to get frustrated, I was just fully aware of this problem and how it included Verbatim before even creating the thread. Which is why it came across as a bit condescending when people ignore what I say and repeatidly suggest Verbatim even though it doesn't fix this. As you say I am experienced with technical problems, I did a lot of research on this before posting so I knew for a fact that verbatim doesnt always fix it. But when you even mention at the start of a thread that suggesting Verbatim isn't going to help and the next 3 posts are people saying use verbatim, how can you not get a little frustrated?


    No, i totally understand i'm not saying all the time but quite alot of the time media is one of the key issues but not all the time and clearly it might not be the case here. But nobody can determine that untill other things have been tested out first such as you say possibly your operating system and maybe even your hardware. IF it results in the same thing then cleary what everbody said was infact correct but we won't jump to that conclusion untill we have fully justified and pin pointed the problem. I would personally suggest using xp as a tester operating system. Reasons why, faster install and less likely for bugs all round also you'll get the full out of your pc as vista is just like a weight dragging you down. Try to use a legit copy if you can or again borrow a real copy. :thumbup:

  12. Do you guys really think they wouldn't use a strong protection? :rolleyes:


    Anyway, ImgBurn can't copy protected discs and that kind of talk isn't welcome here.


    Ahh shoot i didn't think of that, yeh copy protection would kill the cat. However i was just trying to help, didn't mean to hurt nobody. :unsure: i'll go sit in my corner.

  13. Have you tried burning the image under a 32 bit operating system? I'm not telling you to install a 32 bit operating system on your machine specifically for this task, but maybe some how transfer the iso and ask around your firends/mates if you could borrow a pc to burn the image? Alternatively if you have one yourself then you can test the drives to see if they're on the way out as now this seems to be a uniform error to see if it is the operating system,hardware or if it was the media. At the end of the day hardware does belly flop from now again and again as im sure your well aware and from experience good media is always a positive aspect but not always essential or available due to the financial situation.

    This would be my next step if i were in your shoes, don't worry we all get frustrated sometimes. :innocent:

    Maybe buying the game would be another alternative, grab yourself a bargain on ebay becuase if you keep on coasting discs you could actually cost yourself as much as the game costs. I'm sorry i can't be any more techincal or useful to the problem and i appologise in advance if none of this helps. All i can say is i tried. :/

  14. Having same problem Dorigurl. Did you figure anything out? Do you need a blu-ray burner for ps3 games. Please let me know. Thanks.


    Yup, you do, it's like trying to play a dvd in a cd player, if you get my drift. A bluray rom drive will set you back about

  15. So, I just bought and installed this program so I could make back-ups of my PS3 games but if I follow all the instructions I can't get it to work.

    Steps I'm taking:

    Place PS3 game into DVD burner


    Also just to let you know, as im sure your well aware that ps3 games are bluray, dvd burners or readers won't read that media anyway. That's why it wasn't finding the media. You'll need to invest in a Bluray Writer in order to back up and burn your games to media. If you have a bluray drive then i'm mistaken.


    However, all the best in getting your moneyback, if you need any backing then we're all here to help. Best of luck

  16. I always use multiple virus scaners just to be sure, I still don't think its worth forking out money for protectors such as Norton when they're are progrmas that do it for free. I use X soft Spy Ne I which i think for virus scanner is one of the quickest most reliable out there, however you do pay for that one =\ Personally i use Spybot search and destroy and avg atm. I also ccleaner just to clear out temporary files/internet cache etc...


    (Some more of my pointless information XD, i feel like a lil old man) lolz

  17. Purchased a LG GH22NS40 drive and was just wondering if anyody had any views about this item. I've been having problems with this item which can be viewed here . I know is has a Renesas chip and was just basically wondering if thats good or bad or generally if the drive is good or crap? It's going back anyway as i think its faulty however if its crap i'll get a refund. >_<


    Thanks All. =)

  18. Well I didn't think I bought a shoddy drive in the first, i mean on ebuyer itself it has 7 good reviews for the product. So i dunno, i thought lg were good enough to rely but maybe they just make crappy drives. It wasn't even copying the disks at 16x read speed, i think i need to test out a copy and burn using the dell's E520 drive which to the bargain i think is pioneer. But cba to take them both apart again, tonight. Anyway heres the spec of the drive that is the issue.


    Product Description LG GH22NS40 Super Multi - DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM drive - Serial ATA

    Device Type DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM drive

    Enclosure Colour Black

    Interface Serial ATA

    Dimensions (WxDxH) 14.6 cm x 17 cm x 4.1 cm

    Weight 0.8 kg

    Optical Storage DVD±RW (±R DL) / DVD-RAM - 5.25" x 1/2H

    Read Speed 48x (CD) / 16x (DVD)

    Write Speed 48x (CD) / 22x (DVD±R) / 12x (DVD-R DL) / 16x (DVD+R DL)

    CD / DVD Rewrite Speed 32x (CD) / 6x (DVD-RW) / 8x (DVD+RW) / 12x (DVD-RAM)

    Buffer Underrun Protection Built-in


    Here's a direct link to the item. Ebuyer Poo

  19. I'm not sure how actually relavent this actually is but you can convert to and from WAV and mp3 by using a free program called Switch. You can then mount the wav to disc using IMG burner or vise versa. Simples >_<

  20. Setting the write speed to 4x didn't solve the problem, which is probably due to low quality media... :whistling:


    I 20:21:16 Destination Media Type: DVD+R (Disc ID: RITEK-F16-01) (Speeds: 4x, 8x, 12x, 16x)

    I 20:21:16 Write Speed: MAX

    Try burning at 8x or 12x and it should work. If it doesn't try with Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden blanks and it'll work :thumbup:



    Lol, mmalves whats going on here then? You suggested I use Verbatims lol

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