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  1. Looks like you got some on your face Bill! =))



    Well, it's obviously true, I got it all over my face....but, the question is...where was the cake that I buried my face in? :whistling:

  2. Well, today is Kirk's operation. Let's all turn our thoughts and prayers towards him and pray this operation works so he can live normally for the first time in his life.

  3. I'm bored. :yawn::sleeping:

    This still applies. :thumbup:

    I agree with Clink! :sleeping:

    Instead of fighting this woman all the time, maybe you could show her you can be a good neighbor instead...if you remember how. Your actions, at least the ones you claim to have done, are every bit as childish, if not more so, than anything she's done.

  4. I am the idiot that told everyone during the first gulf conflict that this had nothing to do with OIL


    conclusion, everything the house of bush and saud does has to do with oil


    color me pinko michael moore


    At least you have seen the error of your ways :thumbup:

  5. Have a great birthday LUK (and LFC stop stealing my gif!!!)




    Well, he stole your .gif and I gave LUK your girl. Like I said, slightly used! =))

    At least he's not getting "sloppy seconds"!!!! :whistling:

  6. I think the story was from the US bill, therefore it IS one of your psycho's !! :lol:

    Aw shit! I didn't see that. Guess I'm blind! I can't stand people that hurt animals. It just infuriates me. :angry: And then to send a box of valentine candy with it...well that's just scary! I hope whoever catches this poor excuse for a human being has enough balls to deal with the problem as it should be dealt with. Someone like this should just be exterminated.

  7. cid001701c725fb541a0980hq2.gif

    Wow! Birthday cake! I sure hope it was good. Did you save a piece? Huh? Can I have it? Huh? Come on, how could you say no? Hope it was a good one, db!

  8. Thanks guys. I'm having a great day as we speak. @zacoz, I look at white whiskers and hair the same way, and I'm one smart sob! Just look at me!!! =)) I earned each and every one of them the hard way!

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