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  1. @ LUK I was wondering if you could answer this question I ripped my starwars 3 to my hardisk and proceeded to buld mode now when choosing a layer break position it came up with a gold star at one point and average stars at all the rest but at the gold point the padding size was greater would you not select the position with the smallest padding size as the video buffer would be able to handle this better

  2. Hi I was wondering if it would be possible to add the ability

    to auto booktype in the next release as my LG is unable to

    booktype via a firmware patch I think this would be an excellent

    addition to an already supurb program

  3. ImgBurn's 'Build' mode will quite simply take a bunch of files / folders and make an image out of them (or burn them directly to a disc).


    I assume when this option is available that this will do away with the need to use pcgedit when creating an reathoured dual layer disc as you will be able to insert a layerbreak more easily in file mode ?

  4. A quick question if I reathour a disc with dvd shrink and create an iso image to burn and use calculate

    optimal layer break setting I assume that image burn will try to find the best position is there any need to

    use pcgedit first as when there is no layerbreak present pcgedit will only guess the best position for the break anyway . Would I be just using an unnecessary step as they are both trying to do the same thing

  5. If you reauthor a disc and it's done by a program that's not layerbreak aware (i.e. DVDShrink), Correct me if I am wrong but if imageburn could burn in file mode you could automatically insert a correct layer break such as discjuggler and vso which is extremely handy when creating reauthered discs . is the layerbreak issue due to the fact we are burning an image file and cannot be manipulated during the burn process

  6. I was wondering if someone could help me with an answer , I would like to backup my

    dvds to dual layer discs ,I normally use dvdshrink to create an iso file but if I use

    reauthor mode movie only would imageburn recalculate the layer break to suit the

    disc and burn the dvd accordingly or do I have to backup the whole disc to get the

    layer break right .


    regards rew

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