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  1. Done for


    I also decided it shouldn't play the sound if it's erasing before the burn (but I think that's taken care of by code elsewhere... can't remember).


    Oh and that if it's a manual erase, when you click the 'ok' button in the 'success' message the sound stops - just as it does when burning completes etc.


    Nice, just to be clear: I knew about the OK button stopping the sound, I always do a fast manual erase before burning RW media. So are you saying the sound will still play in that case (manual fast erase) if you don't press the OK button in The point is I don't want to press the OK button in such a case (yes I'm lazy) :)

  2. I'm used to the success sound after burning media and I like it.


    I don't have to hear it however after a successful fast erase of rewritable media. The job only takes a few seconds and I always forget to turn it off. Of course it can now only be turned on/off as a global setting.


    So could the success/failure sounds be turned off for these jobs only and keeping them for other processes?


    Of course the priority for this request should be very low as it is not very important to the functioning of ImgBurn, but I thought I could mention it. Maybe it can be done easily (not a programmer).


    Cheers and thanks for a great program.

  3. Regarding firmware, I might have found an answer here:




    So this disc is not supported even by the latest firmware :(


    The literal Dutch to English translation would be something like "cannot execute command due to I/O error". So I guess the drive did not recognize the disc properly and failed when trying to burn it.


    I guess I need the older MKM 001 version...or buy a new drive.

  4. Hello,


    I've used ImgBurn without ever having a coaster for well over 100 burns on DVD +R media. I always use Verbatim (MCC 003/004). So I bought a few Verbatim DL discs today (MKM 003) thinking I would be fine with them. But the burn failed almost from the start :(


    Fastest 6 euro I ever lost (except for the casino :D ). Anyway I've saved a log maybe anyone here can tell me what exactly went wrong so I don't waste anymore DL discs.


    Note: I've burned a normal DVD +R after the failed DL burn and that one went fine as usual.


    I 22:26:34 ImgBurn Version started!

    I 22:26:34 Microsoft Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 1)

    I 22:26:34 Total Physical Memory: 523.764 KB - Available: 378.816 KB

    I 22:26:34 Initialising SPTI...

    I 22:26:34 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...

    I 22:26:34 Found 2 DVD-ROMs and 1 DVD

  5. OMG!


    I just registered to this forum because I too wanted to suggest this feature be added to ImgBurn!


    LIGHTNING UK! this topic was started 3 months ago..... how come you never reply?


    This would be such a great and useful feature for ImgBurn. To be able to burn DATA CDs/DVDs.


    Same here. ImgBurn is a great program for burning images and I hope it will become a full CD/DVD burning application (DATA/VIDEO etc.)


    I wouldn't mind paying 30 euro's or so for such a version (of course if it's updated regularly) ;)


    Sadly I still use the bloated Nero now for DATA DVD's :/

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