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  1. Yeah, just another guy, looking for a fight. Who wants a practical answer that works when he can fight? This is the Internet, after all!


    Another idiot visits us (and hopefully departs on the next train).




    i don't come here often anymore mainly because of your constant negativity and ridicule of other members, and when i do come all i see is your constant attempt to humiliate others to make yourself look more important, maybe you need to take a chill pill and take some time off from forums if all you do is call people names and insult them especially when most come here in the support forum to ask genuine questions and just get a mouth full of verbal diarrhea from you


    it's a support forum can't you just answer questions and be polite , it's not hard, well not for most normal people anyway


    and to save you the trouble of a negative reply, which i know you can't resist, don't because i won't grace you with a reply

  2. okay well tmpgenc does a awesome job converting to a dvd ready mpeg file but now im trying to find something that will convert that to dvd files??? i trialed the tmpgenc dvd author program but it says it cant read the files that tmpgenc xpress created??? okay... and when i finally got it to pull them up when converted to mpeg they look fantastic but as a dvd files they look terrible???


    id like to use tmpgenc since it seems to do a awesome job quality wise even though it does take a long time.. but then i need to convert the mpeg out to dvd.vob's?? or is there a way to use imgburn to burn the new mpeg's to a dvd video disc??


    I always use TMPeg Author and not so often now but still use TMPeg express, I can take avi files and convert them to vob files in one process and then I use IMGBurn to turn vobs into iso's, it's not that hard.


    But if you only got a free download of TMPeg you have limited usage of the program, but it is an awesome program it's just not free like some of the others recommended, but in honesty the free ones had their problems like throwing audio out of sync and then if weird things happened you had to use something else to fix it, TMPeg does it all one easy program :thumbup:

  3. This is not a question about the translations more of thankyou to to all of these people for lending a big hand and taking the time to do this, you should all be very proud of yourselves that you've probably if not now in the future helped out a lot of people that aren't quite up on their english, now they won't have to struggle if it's in their own language, and again to all a big congratulations and thankyou for your help 1036535672_gif.gif


    i am glad to know such good and helpful people have joined our merry bunch of misfits :D

  4. 2 things not in your favor on that last log, first the brand of discs, they're not goodicon_no.gif and another thing is USB burners sometimes have dramas burning


    but hey best thing is like Cynthia said narrow down the field, try updating the drivers for the burner and if that doesn't work try changing the brand of discs ;)

  5. glad things worked aceventura we try to help even if sometimes we don't give the right answers, sometimes however we do get it right :thumbup: and it's my please i could help :D


    and thanks Cynthia, i do come here quite often just don't log in most times :shifty:


    and my little edit: women came women answered and women fixed, see were not all totally useless

  6. normally when this thing happens you do several things, first is check the brand of discs and turn down the burn speed if it's to high then you can try updating the firmware of your burner also trying a lens clean doesn't hurt, give those things a shot and see what happens :thumbup:

  7. ok i'm not all that great at reading logs but at first look you could turn your speed down to 4X


    and if you have a batch of verbs is it the first time it's happened with this lot or has it happened before ?

  8. Hello,


    they aren't identical due to missing copy protection


    Anything to do with either copying and burning downloaded from the net movies or even the ones you own personally is not discussed on this forum, sorry

  9. I just wanted to add a little note in here scenic.gif many thanks should also be passed along to the behind the scenes people who added and worked tirelessly on the language files 1036535672_gif.gif most of those were not beta testers just people willing to lend a hand for the greater good and for that they deserve a mentionthumbsup4kk.gif they know who they are and they should pat themselves on the back for a job well doneclap2.gif


    EDIT : some of these people mentioned are not even members of Imgburn and yet they helped when asked

  10. I am starting to get jealous at the beta members, they get to use the beta releases while we have to wait!


    That is the most stupid remark anybody has made recently, do you think if you'll get a beta copy, here's a hint your :frustrated:

  11. Redoak don't take offense to what was said, it was just a communication problem which does occur from time to time and the people here really do want to help :)


    And no the don't use/have crystal balls but they do have these technical terms like "thingy's"

  12. welcome pyneface, in answer to your question the discussion of downloading torrents and how to burn them is not discussed on this forum, sorry


    but future reference there are guides on the forum http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=1778 that will help with ISO to DVD


    also change the media your using from CMC to another brand and again there are links here http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showforum=15 to help you decide, but normally Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim are good choices

  13. My laptop has a DVD burner and I rarely used that mainly because it was such a pain, every time the tray had to verify you had to be there to push the drive back in, so I switched and used USB enclosures with with DVD burner, it took me forever to get the right combination like which DVD drive it liked and would do a perfect burn with and then there was the drama of only being able to burn at 4X because anything else just lost the plot and on top of all of that you couldn't do anything else on the laptop at the same time, and my laptop was only new, so if you have a normal PC I'd buy a DVD burner and whack it in that :thumbup: that's what I did and I have a lot less hassles now

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