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  1. Well, first of all thanks for trying to add RTL orientation to ImgBurn. I really appreciate it.

    But can you at least give us the option to disable it in the settings. something like putting a checkbox under the language groupbox in the settings.

    For me ImgBurn right now looks so weird and confusing; its neither RTL nor LTR.


    Besides, if you allow me, I can't speak of all people using RTL, but there is on thing for sure: RTL support in all Borland products is garbage, and to make ImgBurn looks *right* you will need to hard code the position of almost every control.


    Thank you for the program.

  2. First, I have searched the forum for my answer with no success. So, I'm really sorry if my question have been asked before.


    My question is: can you implement a CD/DVD ripping capability in ImgBurn?

    I absolutely mean by that NON PROTECTED CDs and DVDs. I'm not asking about protected or encrypted ones.


    Once again, sorry if that have been asked...

  3. BelowSky, Thanks I think................ I'm sure the Arthor will be pleased. Never heard Img described quite like that but its a thing of beauty for sure............. :wub::wub::)


    I know it, before any one any replay, let me add this: I'm not exaggerating and I'm not crazy (well... you can argue that... right :/ )


    95% of developers thinks of application beauty as adding skins and thats wrong.

    Thats why I admire ImgBurn developer taste. Pure beauty and no skinning crap.

  4. I just want to say, beside the functionality, ImgBurn is a piece of artwork. I have never seen such a beauty and layout. It is the only application in love with my eyes. I love to just open it an watch it.

    TRUST ME, YOU ARE AN ARTIST. And ImgBurn should be a beauty symbol between applications

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