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  1. Uhm....this is weird. I put the failed discs back in to run additional tests, and this time the checksum passed. On both discs.


    So it seems that ImgBurn was correct; and the checksums failed due to some kind of intermittent drive screwup or Windows screwup. I apologise for wasting everyone's time, and have no idea what the hell happened... :ermm:

  2. Assuming you haven't disabled 'Verify Against Image File' in the Settings, ImgBurn does a byte level comparison - so it would detect issues like that - IF they actually existed at the time.

    Ah, but I'm not burning an image, I'm burning a compilation.


    If you're burning (building + burning on-the-fly) a DVD Video disc, the IFO files won't match the ones on the hdd. They're modified to fix pointers so the disc actually plays.

    Except that this isn't a DVD Video disc. This is a software disc, containing lots of installers and such. That is, normal files and folders.

  3. In the past, verifying has proven reliable. However, I recently bought a blu-ray burner; and every so often (maybe one in three burns), there will be errors that verify doesn't catch. By which I mean, verify says "all good", but the checksums of the files on the disc don't match the versions on the hard drive.


    I assemble a folder of files to burn, and create a checksum file for them. I burn the files - including checksum file - to disc. Everything seems okay. Then I test the checksums, and half a dozen files will fail the test.


    Yet ImgBurn said the verification was okay. What the hell!?

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