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  1. I see your point, why complicate something that works for the majority, I imagine that sometime down the road somebody

    may hack the firmware again for this drive again and fix this issue. The firmware has already been tweaked once to fix the -R

    lead in issues. Thanks again for the great program and enjoy your holiday season.


  2. I have a Samsung 182M burner and unlike the rest of my burners I am unable to set the book type to rom permanently

    in ImgBurn. I realize this is most likely a firmware issue but if I set it to booktype my disc to rom the first disc I burn after I set it turns out right but every disc after reverts back to +R. My suggestion is that maybe there could be a checkbox to automatically

    default all burns to rom reguardless of the burner that could be switched on or off so that people like me who own Samsung burners

    or possibly some others brands out there don't have to set the book type after every single burn. I have heard that Nero will auto

    set the Samsung to rom but I prefer to not use Nero. Thanks for the great program and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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