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  1. Would someone, for the sake of my sanity, please clarify something for me? Having swapped a newly acquired, and quite defective Pioneer DVR-111 for a Plextor PX-750A (firmware 1.02), I am now able to burn DL media again. However, the booktype ends up with "DVDR+R DL", and I have one title that requires the booktype set to DVDROM. Going into the "booktype" menu, selecting Plextor and selecting DVD+R DL I get a "Current setting: Unknown (FAILED!)" Am I doing something obviously stupid? 81
  2. Have always used Verbatim as they, in my experience, are the most compatible/least defective ones around. Anyway, have come to the conclusion that my new drive is defective - right after posting the above message I proceeded to burn some more normal images, and was met with more "Power Calibration Area" errors. Am a bit miffed with Pioneer right now, this makes it the fourth defective drive I?ve bought in less than two years, might fork out the extra cash and exchange this one for a Plextor model instead Thank you very much for the input, appreciate it!
  3. Have a rather strange problem that I hope someone can help me with: Replaced my old trusty Pioneer DVR-108 with a new model DVR-111D today - burning normal "non-dl" media works like a charm, but when I try to burn a DL disk I get the following (Taken from a quick note i scribbled, as I could not find a way to get that info into the general logfile?) "I/O Error! Scsistatus: 0x02 Interpretation: Check Condition CDB: xx xx xx xx xx ........ Interpretation: Send DVD Structure DVD+R DL Boundary Information Sense Area: xx xx xx xx .... Interpretation: Power Calibration Area Error" Selecting "Cancel" to that, it then shows me another page of errors including something about "Read DVD Structure Boundary Information" and "Unable to Recover TOC". It then proceeds to fill the write-buffer, at which point I have cancelled the whole thing as I am not very keen on wasting too many rather expensive disks. The firmware is version 1.23 and the media I use is Verbatim. Media from the same batch worked fine on the old 108 model. Is my brand new drive knackered? Am I doing something obviously wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 81
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