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  1. Hi

    I got this error when i came back to my computer 90 minutes later, I clicked retry and it finished it successfully. I have had several perfect burns with same config and media previously.



    My monitor turns off after 20 minutes but other than that i don't have any stand-by or hibernation settings on. Do these settings look ok?





    Thanks for the help! :blink::rolleyes:

  2. Simple, don't use anything except Verbatim DVD+R DL media for double layer burning.


    Getting layer break info from the IFO's is bound to fail - you're not burning a double layer DVD Video disc.


    thanks for the super quick reply. Could have been irc!

  3. Hi


    i have scoured forums, google etc


    firmware up to date, crap media i know but i have done succesfully b4, maybe bad iso, dead drive?


    this is the log file




    Also when i check iso i get "failed to get layer break information from ifo data" error


    kind regards


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