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  1. I know that one can manually export and import the ImgBurn settings which are stored at




    However, for the inexperienced that could be a great way of screwing up their systems if they don't know what they are doing. Also, it would be so much easier to be able to do this from with inside ImgBurn, like quite a number of applications do.




    Just a thought :whistling:

  2. may i ask when will there be a new version release with some more amazing features.


    just asking and thank you still the best software out there.


    I guess this is the best we can hope for


    There's been no progress on v3, too much other stuff on at the moment.

    v3 is therefore a LONG way off yet.


    A beta would be nice to play with :rolleyes:

  3. I need to burn an old image (IMG format). According to the notes I have, it needs to be burned in CloneCD with the following settings:


    Right click the cd writer you are going to use  
    in clone cd click settings  and select the follwing
    Buffer underrun protection
    Allow "amplify week sectors"
    Click ok....window closes!
    Click next 
    Select protected game and right click it click edit
    Tick....don’t repair sub channel data  
    Select emulate weak sectors 
    Click ok ...window closes


    Do they exist in ImgBurn? I really don't want to install CloneCD, as I'm more than happy with ImgBurn. Besides, just what do those settings do? Btw, it is not a protected game. Not sure why that is in there.


    Thanks in advance.

  4. I have an ISO which I need to burn, and windows reports its size as 766MB. If I put a 800MB CD-R in the burner and try to burn with ImgBurn, ImgBurn displays the following:




    Disc Information:

    Status: Empty

    Erasable: No

    Free Sectors: 359,847

    Free Space: 736,966,656 bytes

    Free Time: 79:59:72 (MM:SS:FF)

    Supported Write Speeds: 16x, 24x

  5. Not sure if it is already possible, so here goes.


    The ability to export the settings to a registry or config file would be great. When doing a Windows reinstall, then the ability to import the previously exported registry or config file would be a timesaver. No need to configure the settings again.

  6. I've just discovered the update, and it's over a month old. I should really check more often for updates lol. Thanks a lot for this.


    This will probably be the last 'maintenance' type release for the v2.4 series, meaning I can finally start to implement some decent new features!


    Any hints as to some of the new features ? :whistling:

  7. There is a ReadMe.txt file in the path


    C:\Program Files\ImgBurn


    that should allow you to create a batch file for creation of .iso files.


    But I don't understand your round with DVDFab. Shouldn't it be easier to let that program create the ISO as output as default?


    Thanks, will read it.


    Yes, but it appears to take twice as long that way. From what I can figure out, DVDFab rips it first normally, then convert it to ISO.

  8. One can burn ISO in batch mode, but can one create ISO in batch mode?


    At the moment I backup my DVD with DVDFab, then convert it into an ISO with same program. Once I have a few ISO, then I batch burn them with ImgBurn. It prob would be easier if I could create multiple ISO in one go.

  9. In that guide which you provided the link for, it mentions that it can also queue folders. Since my DVD ripped folder layout is like this:


    Root: American Gangster

    Sub Folders: VIDEO_TS & AUDIO_TS


    Could I add the root folders to the queue, or does it have to be images?


    Thanks for the great help :)

  10. Open ImgBurn, click Write file/folders to disc and untick the Verify option. As for ejecting after burning, go to Tools/Settings/Device tab, tick the Write option in the Eject Tray After... section and click OK. Now close ImgBurn and the settings will be saved.


    Hmm, I've done that when using the Shell extension, and it didn't remember. Will try it with the Write file/folders to disc method. Thanks for the eject solution.


    I know about the .NET Framework requirement, and it appears that more and more programs requires this. Still, it is no big deal installing the Shell Ext afterwards.

  11. When I use this extension to burn a video, the following settings are checked by default:



    Close Program


    I want the Verify option unchecked and Eject Tray option checked as default. I've looked in ImgBurn options, but can't seem to find the settings. I'm pretty sure the previous version had them.


    Perhaps ImgBurn can include the Shell Extension in the next version, saving having to install it separately?


    Thank you.

  12. Does the process to create a Data double layer ISO differ to that of a movie/video, or is it the same? I want to backup all my data files, e.g. programs, etc, and have until now used single layer DVD discs. I have D/L discs, and would like to use them for my data files.


    Thanks in advance.

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