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  1. I am wondering if the new version has the ability to burn multi session CDs whereby I could keep adding to the CD after the initial burn.


    If not, do you expect to provide this feature in future versions? If so, when would this likely be available?


    Thank you

  2. Thanks for the information.


    I used an old version of Nero because I did not have ImgBurn on this computer at the time. I did an experiment to copy the disc with simulation and without simulation. The burn without simulation came up with errors on the Nero verification. The burn with simulation appeared to work OK but it was not possible to simulate it and also verify it by Nero. So I thought I better put ImgBurn on the computer and use it. Now, I want to just check the Nero burn to see if it is OK. I used CD-RW discs for these experiments and will now use CD-R for the final burns. Now, I am going to use your method in the guides for creating a XP disc by slipstreaming sp3 for a final burn using a CD-R disc.


    I have had only limited experience burning CDs and have tended to use an old version on Nero because I can add things to the disc later if needed and this is the first time that I have had a bad burn. I have been wanting to use ImgBurn more for discs that I know I won't want to add to later because I trust it to be more reliable and superior. I am hoping that you will eventually add the feature to be able to add to burnt discs after the initial burn. This experiment has shaken my trust in Nero.


    Thanks again for the help. I may be back after I get into this slipstream process.

  3. I made a copy of a XP CD using Nero. I am wanting to verify that it is correct.


    I see there is a Verify component to ImgBurn. If I am wanting to verify that the copy is the same as the original, do I have to Create an Image File of the original CD first, and then Verify the copy against this Image File? Or, is there a more direct way using the two CDs.


    Thanks for the help.

  4. I am wanting to make a copy of my Dell XP installation CD so that it will work as a bootable CD just like the original. Please confirm if this procedure is correct using the EZ-Mode:

    First, Create Image File from Disk

    Second, Write Image File to Disk


    Do I need to make any special settings in the process?

    Will the CD come out bootable?


    Thank you for the help.

  5. I would really like to see imgburn capable of multi-session burning, ie ability to add data to a CD which has been previously burned but with additional space available.


    I am wondering if this may be an added feature in one of the near term upgrades.


    Thanks for a wonderful app.

  6. Thank you for all the work on this new version.


    I am wondering if this new version has multi-session burning. What I mean is: If I burn some files to a CD, can I leave the CD open and go back later an add some more files to the same CD?


    I have been hearing for some time that this feature would come in a future version. If not now, when might I expect this feature?


    Thanks again.

  7. I discovered the problem and solution. I am using an IBM laptop which has IBM ThinkVantage software for access connections. Within the software, there is the option to set a homepage and over-ride the homepage set in IE or Firefox. I simply disabled (unchecked) the option and now I can set the homepage in Firefox and it remains.

  8. You probably won't need any of those additional filters or codecs as MPC-HC should be able to play most any video or audio format you throw at it all by itself..... it will use it's own internal filters in preference to any others installed on your system anyway unless you disable them in the options.


    ffdshow duplicates most of MPC-HC's internal filters so you can skip that for starters unless you have a specific reason, like I said above it's just my personal preference (and habit I guess).


    QT Lite replaces Quicktime (without the background processes and additional stuff), if you have Quicktime already and happy with it then that's another you can skip.


    I would recommend Haali Media Splitter though, just remember that if you decide to install it then in MPC-HC options under Internal Filters you should disable the Matroska, MP4/MOV, MPEG PS/TS/PVA source filters so Haali will be used instead. Just a note, some people report problems with the shell extension enabled (for thumbnail previews) so I personally deselect it when installing Haali Media Splitter.


    Then again if you never intend playing mkv, mp4 or ts files you can probably skip it also... you never really stated why you want another media player.




    I installed Haali Media Splitter and noticed that it provides support for AVI as well. You did not mention AVI as one of the items to disable in MPC-HC. So, do you prefer the filters in MPC-HC for the AVI files?


    Thanks again.

  9. LUK,


    Thank you for the added information.


    I am considering using CoreAVC, but in the installation process, it says it requires a "NVIDIA CUDA enabled card and NVIDIA video drivers". My Dell labtop has a "Mobility Radeon 9000" video. So, does this mean that CoreAVC will not work on my laptop?


    Thanks for the help.

  10. What's there to explore?! Just download and install it. If for some weird reason you detest it, simply uninstall it.


    The 'home cinema' part of MPC is basically its way of saying it already includes all the codecs (there is MPC and MPC Home Cinema).


    MPC(-HC) is probably standalone but there are a few dlls in its program folder that I guess it uses at one time or another.


    I just install over the top when I put new versions on.


    No, I don't install CCCP or K-lite.


    I manually install Haali Media Splitter, AC3 Filter and CoreAVC... and that's it.


    If I use either AC3 Filter or CoreAVC, which items in MPC-HC do I disable.


    Thanks for the help

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