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burning backwards


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i am lost in the wilderness .without a life saver and i am feeling like the hole thereof - lo it must be simple , please some kind sirs help ----i clic on the image file from disk right??? then------wait i think i found my missing upload back in the file i extracted or burnt them from ,and several duplicats there of ---ok but how do i get them to go into the file into which i want them to go from the get go, i tride to clik on a file in a word folder, or click on a folder and tipe a file name, into a selected folder , in the little rectangle that appears, and that seems to be there for that purpose , but i only suckseeded in creating a file in the folder from whence they were arigenly burned onto the dvd from, ( that folder is my picture) is that the only folder i can upload images into directly ?the file did bare the name i tiped in no i,m not sure i think i, looking at the image files that were already there ,so if i did seceded in reloading them were did they go i got that maddening little jingle ,it asked me first if i wanted to replace those file, i said no the voice responded ohno and then the jingo, this is so maddening.


thanks arachnakiss

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