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Where can I get Verbs that are 100% from Singapore


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I checked Amazon and a couple of people are getting India ones, same with the other sites. Where can I get 100% Singapore for under 30 dollars for a 20 pack. Or even better yet, 10 or 15 pack.

I purchased DL Verbatim discs from Amazon (20 Pack, 2.4x, Branded) about 2 months ago and they were from Singapore. My local Best Buy always has the Singapore Verbatim but they charge a lot more than Amazon unless you get them while they are on sale.

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Any place that sells in 15 or 10 packs singapore

Best Buy sells the 15 disc spindle. The discs are for 8x burning. I doubt you can burn them at 2.4x. I've heard about people having problems with these discs so they might not be from Singapore. I've never bought them so I've never looked to see where they're from.


Newegg sells the 10, 15, 20 and 30 disc spindles made by Verbatim. I know nothing about where any of them were made. Go here to see what they have.


I did purchase a few 20 disc spindles from Newegg several years ago. They were not from Singapore so I shipped them back.


I hope this helps you.

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