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DVD RW burns as read only


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Brand new user of this software! Very impressed because windows vista was driving me nuts, not being able to burn dvds, and this seems to have solved the problem.


Only problem is, they are all burning as read only (I am using DVD RW discs).


How do I correct this please?


I am burning large numbers of photos to the dvds (for an online catalogue), so need an easy solution.


Thank you




PS I am an absolute clutz when it comes to computers so please spell out the solution c l e a r l y as possible. Thanks

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are you expecting to be able to add bits to your dvd at different times? ie use it like a floppy disc?

if so then imgburn doesn't work this way, its easier to use an usb pen or a folder on your hdd and then burn when the contents reach the capacity of a disc

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yes, want to be able to add images, make changes etc


In the past this is how I have catalogued pictures. It is only since using windows vista that I am having problems. What prompted me to try imgburn is a vista problem, that when I try and burn pictures to a dvd, after appearing to format the disc, the message comes up that the disc "could not be formatted". Imgburn seems to have solved that problem, and I can download the photos from my hard drive etc to a dvd rw, but only as read only.


I had thought of using a usb pen, but we have a whole library of images on disc and would like to keep the consistency.


Just to be clear, as you saying that with imgburn anything burned to disc (dvd or cd) is read only?



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