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Using ImgBurn to identify read-only or burner


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I know what kind of drives I have on my systems but I'm writing a control program for ImgBurn that others can use. In the setup portion of my program I ask the user for their optical drive letters and to identify the types of optical drives they have but some novice users may not know that info. So far I came up with this procedure to use ImgBurn to help them out:



1. Load ImgBurn.

2. Click "Write image file to disc".

3. In the Destination section, click the down arrow to the right of the text box.

4. All of your burner drives will be displayed. Write down the drive letters for each burner drive.

... The drive letters are in parenthesis at the end of the line. Example: D: or E: etc.

5. Now in the menu bar, click "Mode" and then "Read".

6. In the Source section, click the down arrow to the right of the text box.

7. All of the optical drives on your system will be displayed.

8. Write down all of the drive letters.

9. Any drive letters in step-8 that were not shown in step-4 are Read-Only drives.


(Note that ALL burner drives can read & burn discs, but Read-Only drives cannot burn discs.)



This procedure gives the user the drive letters and whether the drive is a Read-Only or Burner Drive.

I'm not sure if the drive name will "ALWAYS" identify a drive as a CD-Only or a CD-DVD drive.


Is there an easier way to use ImgBurn to help the users identify their drives and drive letters?




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