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multi session burning


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I know that it is possible to create multi session CD and DVDs and I have used an old version of Nero to do this in the past. I have so far not been able to find anything in the guides that tell me if it is possible to create multi session discs with imgBurn. the sort of thing i have done in the past is to start a DVD with a number of photos as a multi session disc. Then when I have more photos add them to the same disc but in a new session.


This required setting Nero to do a multi session disc initially.

Then when you want to add files in a new session it read the existing files and allowed you to add more without deleting the original files.

The disc was not finalised.


I know that with audio discs you have to finalise them to make them work in a CD player.


So does anyone know if imgBurn supports multi session and if so how to do it.




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