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avi to DVD what i am doing wrong?


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i have 7 .avi files total size is 4.3 GB (each is 600 mb). Trying to burn these files on a DVD disc.


This is how i am doing:

1) I am using DVD flick to convert avi files to audio_ts and video_ts files.

2) I am using DVD shrink to re-author video_ts files.

3) I am backing up with DVD shrink, output as audio_ts and video_ts files to hard disk.

4) I am using ImgBurn to write these 6 files on a disk.


On ImgBurn:

First attempt, i chose Write Files/Folders option. After burning successfully done, DVD player did not read it.

Second attempt, i chose Create Image File from Files/Folders option.

After image file created i chose Write Image File to Disc option. After burning successfully done, DVD player did not read it.


End results for above two option were:


After burning process done when i put disk in a DVD player, it does not read.

I open disk in my pc i can see 6 file folders. I can open them individually and there are .vob, .bup, and .ifo files.

When i click on .vob files i can watch them in my vlc player.


I know something i am doing wrong, probably something very simple, but not sure what.


Please help,


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When I say full movie I think at full feature film. A film that is ~80 minutes or more in length. The space occupyed by it is subject to the codec used to compress and store that movie.


How long in minutes is the running time of each of the file? In general an .avi file that is ~600-700 mb contain a movie that can be ~90 minutes or even more. Since you mentioned you convert them to DVD Video with DVDFlick, I just pointed out that is too much to squeeze 7 full movies (7x90=630 min) on a DVD that regularly store ~120 minutes at standard compression. Note that the MPEG-2 compression used in DVD video occupy more space/time than .avi (DivX, Xvid compression)


As you describe in first post, you are doing more steps than necessary. Why author a big DVD than shrink it, make the iso and than burn? 4 steps? How about make it in two steps?

Use DVDFlick (read the guides) and make the Video_TS folder to fit one DVD5 (4,7 GB as you know it) than use ImgBurn to burn that folder following the guide that I linked in post #2.

Keep in mind that a DVD5 can store ~120 minutes in standard compression, you can put more but in detriment of visual quality.

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