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Unable to create Dual Layer Image

Livid Goat

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Hello all! I'm new to the forum so let me tell you what I'm doing and where I'm encountering an issue.


I have ripped disc one of Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (my copy) to a .VOB, .IFO, and .SUB file using DVDFab. I placed all of the files in the VIDEO_TS folder just as the guide says.


Files are here: C:\FELLOWSHIP_D1\VIDEO_TS\


I open the program, select build mode, then click the "Browse for a folder..." button and navigate to the above folder. This is where my screens differ from the guide. It appears as though the version ImgBurn I'm using is newer than the one in the guide. In the "Source" box, I now see:




This leads me to believe that all of the files in that folder (The VIDEO_TS folder and all containing files) will be the root directory on the disc.


When I click the calculator, I get the following message:


You have only selected one folder...


Does the C:\FELLOWSHIP_D1\ folder content represent what should be the root directory content?


I'm sure you know the rest of the message.


I have an option to click Yes, or No.


Selecting Yes, which seems to be the appropriate response, produces and image with only one folder and no files.


Selecting No gives me another error which states that the file cannot be added to the image because it's larger than the file size allowed by the file system. (It's a 6gig file)


So, either way, this is not working like the guide says it should which leads me to believe that the guide is outdated.


Can anyone offer suggestions?




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I'm finally getting this figured out! Thanks.




If I rip the DVD into one, large, 5gig VOB file, how do I get ImgBurn to accept it? Do I need to change the file system type? And if I do, will my DVD playing software still read it?



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