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Is it possible to re encode/ fix AV quality in ImgBurn?

Logan's Momma

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Hi all, I am new to this forum but I have been searching for this information all over the web. I searched the forum here, googled how to re encode avi (kept getting how to convert files, not what I am looking for), etc etc.



Basically I have some AVI files that I tried burning in DVD Flick. They came out all choppy and the audio was off from the video. So I got DvDStyler. Still can't figure out how to fix the darker scenes so that they aren't, well, so dark. :P


Now I am here with ImgBurn. I really like this program, but I am not even sure if it has capabilities of doing what I am looking for. If anyone can help me or at least point me to what I need to look for I would appreciate it! Thanks :)


Edit- just wanted to point out that I am aware of how to change to ISO, etc, I just want to have more control over the audio/visual quality of my DVDs.



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The short answer is no.


Longer answer: Imgburn burns files 'as is', and cannot do anything to improve the quality of your files, other than making sure that it produces a quality burn, other than that you will have to look over your procedure in DVDFlick and other DVD authoring tools to see where the problem is.

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