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Can I integrate ImgBurn in my software ?


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OK...OK..WTF is a 'pom' anyway....I KNOW what a YANK is..... ;)


The one my history teacher taught was this... P.O.M.E. Prisioner Of Mother England, again back when Australia was used as a penal colony. :)

yeah there are a few explanations but I believe acronyms (P.O.M.E.) were not in use at that time. Google has a history of it although theres no definite answer .

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Not sure if this helps or not !! :D





Terms or nicknames for ethnicities

Many of the following terms are considered derogatory or offensive to the described ethnic group. Many terms are derived from the Australian habit of using diminutives, and are not necessarily offensive in their use. Some terms, for example "gypo", have been reclaimed by some ethnic groups to refer to themselves and have become acceptable in certain settings when used without derogatory intent.

  • Abo, boong, coon or blackfella, also abo-coona-boong-originie ? an Indigenous Australian person. Boong, coon, and abo are considered offensive. Blackfella is an informal term mainly used in regional and outback areas by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. The offensive word nigger, used by some English speakers around the world for people of colour is also sometimes used in relation to Indigenous Australians.[citation needed]
  • Anglo ? generic term for an Australian of British or Irish descent. May be offensive to people of Celtic descent.
  • Anglo-Celtic ? media/academic term for an Australian of British or Irish descent
  • Asian ? usually East or Southeast Asian (rather than South Asian, as in British usage).
  • Aussie (pronounced: /ɔzi/) ? an Australian.
  • Camel jockey ? offensive slang for an Arab or other person of Middle Eastern origin.
  • Chink or chinger ? a person of East Asian descent. Once used specifically for Chinese people, this is now used in a more general sense to refer to Asians. Offensive.
  • Choco or Chocco ? any person of significantly darker skin, including Indigenous Australians, assumed to be either from the name of a type of chocolate coloured jelly baby sold in Australia, or simply that they are "chocolate-coloured". Offensive.
  • Filo (pronounced: /fɪləʉ/) ? a person of Filipino descent.
  • Gook ? taken from the American slang term for Asians of Vietnamese origin. Highly offensive.
  • Gypo or gipo (pronounced: /dʒɪpəʉ/) ? a person of Egyptian descent. May be offensive.
  • Kiwi ? New Zealander.
  • Indian ? a person from the Indian sub-continent (including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc); Australians sometimes use this somewhat generic term (as British people use "Asian" for people from the same region) to distinguish them from east or south-east Asians. Curry muncher or curry (abbreviated) is another term used but is generally considered offensive.
  • Jap or nip ? an Asian person of Japanese descent. The term Nip is sometimes used to describe a person of general Asian appearance. Both of these words are simply shortened terms for Japanese (Nip is a diminutive of Nippon, the Japanese word for Japan). Both are generally considered offensive.
  • Lebo or leb ? a person of Lebanese descent. Considered offensive by some. See: Lebanese Australian.
  • Maco ? (pronounced "masso") a person of Macedonian descent. May be regarded as offensive.
  • New Australian ? 1950s term for immigrant, usually from continental Europe, becoming obsolete.
  • Ocker ? (pronounced oka) an Australian. Maybe regarded as offensive depending on context.
  • Paki ? term used to describe a person from Pakistan (or sometimes the Indian sub-continent in general). May be offensive.
  • Pommie ? (also pom or pommy) a word for an English person. Generally regarded as being mildly derogatory, but sometimes also used offensivly. The true origin of this term is somewhat obscure, and several theories abound. The Macquarie Dictionary states that it is a contraction of pomegranate, which was rhyming slang for immigrant ("imme-granate"). (See also fake etymology. Another common explanation is that "pom" originated as a term for British convicts sent to Australia; that is, as an acronym for "Prisoner of Mother England". However, the latter theory is not accepted by lexicographers.)
  • Reffo ? someone who has moved to Australia as a refugee. Offensive.
  • Saffa ? A South African person, especially used by Australians who have lived in the UK.
  • Seppo ? an American, from rhyming slang Septic Tank = Yank, with the connotation that said person is "full of shit". Offensive.
  • Slant or slope ? a derogatory term used for people of East Asian or South-east Asian descent. Derived from the epicanthal folds (i.e. "slanted eyes") of people from these backgrounds. During the 1990s, the related term "power point" was reported as being used by some members of the New South Wales Police for similar reasons, based on the slanted positive and negative pins on an Australian-style power point. Highly offensive.
  • Skip or skippy ? a (sometimes derogatory) term for an Australian of Anglo-Celtic descent. Chiefly used in large cities by young people of Southeast European or Asian descent. Probably a reference to the famous 1960s children's television programme Skippy the Bush Kangaroo which featured a predominantly Anglo-Celtic cast.
  • South Sea Pom ? slang for a New Zealander.
  • Wog ? derogatory, but increasingly reclaimed, term for Italians, Greeks or other immigrants from Southern Europe or the Mediterranean region. (Contrast with British usage, where the word usually refers to people of Middle Eastern or South Asian descent). However this is also used to mean a cold or bug. clog wog refers to Australians of Dutch descent.
  • Yank ? An American. Also used in the United States, in Britain, Latin America, Asia and New Zealand.
  • Yarpie ? a white South African (whether Anglo-African or Afrikaner). From the pronunciation of the Afrikaans word japie, meaning "farm boy".

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And we're proud of it. I bet had the convicts known what to expect - sun, sand and surf; and babes and booze - they woulda stolen a few more loaves of bread just to get on the boat.



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