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No sound on MPG2 from Vegas Pro


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I was looking into this and some folks say to use DVD Flick to burn this file format but I got

and thought ImgBurn could convert a MPG2 file into a ISO I could then burn.


Now in regards to my Sony Vegas Pro 8 MPG-2 video file they say to create a separate audio file if you want to create a DVD with their DVD Architect

software but that program I do have does not like my DVD Burner which is why I got ImgBurn.


Does anybody know what I should do in Vegas Pro to get ImgBurn to see/burn both the video and sound parts of that file?




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Thanks for the responses to date.


Under file types there are many such as avi, wma, etc and some of the main audio formats such as

mp3-4, ac3, aa3, aif...


Under templates there are ntsc-dv, hdv, pal, hd yuv, etc.


There is no specific DVD video or video_ts but I could convert a avi file into the video_ts. However

that file type generates a large file as compared to the MPEG-2 format. I need to stick with the

MPEG 2 for now on my bigger, longer movies.


I will go back to the Sony Forums and see how the separate audio file is created but I still don't know how

ImgBurn will handle that aspect.


I know a lot of folks have moved past the MPEG-2 format and I cannot test burn a avi file to see if the sound tags along or I would.






Bill Kranz

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Just a correction though, whether you have just an mpg2 file or VIDEO_TS folder with IFO BUP and VOB, it is still MPEG2 ;), the VOB file is the actual video file.


Hence because DVD-Video is essentially MPEG-2 video

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Update: The forum posts below discuss the creation of 2 files to get sound into a MPEG2. I have done this and selected both in ImgBurn. It burned them fine but the video still plays without sound. The sound file is separate on the Explorer view. It needs some kind of quicktime extension

as none of my media players could open and play the sound clip - a ac3. I have a PC so this is a bust for now.


The question remains who knows how to get IB to burn a proper playing MPEG2 clip or is this beyond our level of knowledge and technology?




What template are you using?


Some of the MPEG2 templates that come with Vegas deliberately encode only the video because some DVD authoring applications (including DVD Architect, which comes with Vegas) prefer that the video and audio be in separate files. If your intention is to create a DVD with such an application, then you would then do a second "render" for the audio -- choosing the filetype and template appropriate for your needs. (When working with DVD Architect, this will usually be Dolby Digital AC-3 and either the stereo or 5.1 surround template. Or, if you want PCM audio, choose WAV.)


If, on the other hand, you are not taking this video to DVD or you're using a DVD authoring app that prefers a single file that has both audio and video, then choose a different template. (The video-only templates are labeled as such: DVD Architect video stream.) Or click the Custom button, and check the box labeled "Include Audio" (or whatever).


For the record, you could give DVD Architect a single file, but it's going to have to re-encode the audio according to your DVD Architect project settings.





Re: No audio in MPEG-2?

by Rob Strobbe on Jan 25, 2009 at 9:13:06 pm


If you give the MPEG2 and AC3 (or WAV) files the exact same name (other than the three letter extension) and save them to the same folder, DVD Architect will automatically find and pull in the audio file when you add the video file.


And if it doesn't for some reason, you can simply locate the audio file in the Explorer window and drag it to the audio track for the movie's timeline or add it using the movie's Media Properties window.


I have never used Nero for DVD authoring, so I couldn't tell you what it can or can't do. I would presume, though, that it has a function for choosing an audio file.



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Ianymaty: Hi and thanks for the advice. Love your avatar by the way.

I think I will try it with a .wav file as that is more compatible with a PC.

Still not sure why ImgBurn cannot combine the 2 files like Sony DVD Architect can

or otherwise burn a proper MPEG2>ISO. When I researched free video conversion and burning software

I specifically went with this program because it was made clear that it could convert MPEG2 into a ISO.


Have updated my ASUS firmware so may give DVD A a second chance at burning the ISO...


I will keep working on this both from the Sony side and seeing what pops up here. My experience

may be good for others, or maybe not.


Am trying to avoid adding more software programs as I'm going crazy with what I have for now.




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ImgBurn is a burning tool not a convertor.


All it does is burns files/folders or images to disc.


Yes it can make an iso from whatever file you give but that is not a comvertion or alteration of the file in any way.


It just wraps the file in a iso container. ISO is just a container, a sort of an archive for easy manipulation.


The ISO image is a single file (sometimes two) instead of a bunch of files.

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