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MediaPortal ts (transport stream) file burning watchable DVD


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I am using MediaPortal for few days for recording TV channels.

The result is a .ts file and i will use ImgBurn to burn a DVD which i can watch on my TV

through either my Philips 3595 or Philips 0725 DVD player/recorder:


Video Format

Digital compression DVD, SVCD: MPEG2



When i do not have to convert the ts file and am able to burn the right DVD format i will gain a lot of time !!



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That won't work. You need to have a VIDEO_TS directory that has the IFO,BUP, and VOB(video) files. A .ts itself is useless, and imgburn will not convert it, but burn as is. You need to have the format prepared in advance, try DVDFlick. Also DVD-Video is MPEG-2 not MPEG-1 video.

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If selecting the output format Digital compression DVD will not produce a VIDEO_TS folder with .ifo, .bup, .vob files in it instead of .ts file than you need to convert it to that format.




@ Rincewind

According to DVD Video standard apart from the regular MPEG-2 video:

The following formats are allowed for MPEG-1 video compression at up to 1.856 Mbit/s (1,856 kbit/s).


352 × 288 pixels at 25 frame/s, progressive (Same as the VCD Standard)

352 × 240 pixels at 29.97 frame/s, progressive (Same as the VCD Standard)


MPEG-1 formats do not support interlaced video

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