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A lot about audio CD quality


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Hi, I want to get the highest quality out of my audio CD burnings (the higher the burning quality, the longer the media life, I assume) but readings on the internet gave me a lot of different answers, often without an explanation.

In order to burn an audio CD, is it better to use a CD burner, even if it's old? Or will a modern DVD burner do the job as well? (I mean, does the laser size affect the quality?)

Is it true that lowering the burning speed will raise the quality of the burn?

Does the burning software affect the quality?

How do I check my audio CD burnings?

How do I check my several CD/DVD burners in order to choose the best?

Thank you.

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1. Use your cd/dvd burner and make sure that the firmware is the latest for your model.


2. Nope, slow speed does not necessarily mean a good burn. Burning good discs is a result of firmware/media/burner cooperation.


3. Most burning software can burn a cd correctly, however not many, if any, offer the support that you can get from ImgBurn.


4. Always verify your burn to make sure that the data you have on your source is what you get on the final product.


5. Start with your newest unit.


6. Longest media life is determined by the quality of the disc manufacturer that you choose. I prefer Taiyo Yuden cd's myself.



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