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burn slows down at ~ 93%


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HI all,

I'm burning with an NEC 3540a. It's 6 years old and has probably burned close to 1500 disks.

I usually burn 16x media at 12x. When the burn is just over 90% complete, the burn drops from 12x

to something lower (I presume 8x but not sure). I can actually hear the note of the burners motor

drop down a gear or two. Other than that it finishes OK, and the verify is good.


The media I'm currently using is only rated average (CMC MAG-M01-00), but not sure why the drive is

having this difficulty. Time to bite the bullet and replace it?


TIA for any info


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from my experience with cmc media, they were always crap at the edges which may explain the slowdown on your discs.

maybe they have burnt without a drop in speed on these in the past, and maybe your drive needs a clean, but changing to another drive may result in not being able to burn these discs with any success at all.

i would look at trying some taiyo yuden discs and see if you can burn at your preferred speed before changing your drive

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