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Asus m2n32 sli deluxe


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Has anyone on here got one of these boards and using 2x1 gig matched corsair xms2 memory, if so, in bios what does it say under installed memory and usable memory.


Mine says installed, 2048 (using 2 gig)usable 2047, using 1 gig says installed 1024, usable 1023,

in any slot, and the other gig stick says same in any slot



Memtest86+ says 1023 with 1 gig in and 2047 with both. does not give any errors testing all sticks sep or all together.


Thing is though this TWIN2XP2048-6400C4, has parametric LED , memory usage led levels, which are not working at all, i have some xms 3200 ddr1 400 memory with same LEDs , so i know what they should be doing, also the program to go with the xms2 says no xpert memory modules detected, everest, sandra detect them no bother.


would seem to indicate board, yet its running stable as hell.

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