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How about a DVD Builder like DVD Flick?


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Please forgive my ignorance because I am new to this. It seems a lot of folks here are asking questions that receive answers: "try using DVD Flick"... Would it be difficult to build a DVD Editor/Builder like the aforementioned? Something that could interface with ImgBurn as a 2 step process... I guess at this point, I'm ready to give up. Its tough enough to deal with all my physical pain without adding massive headaches trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I've used DVD Flick successfully on dozens of burns with the ImgBurn associated in DVD Flick. Now, I keep getting data too large, Invalid field in CDB which I have no clue as to what it means?


Isn't there a possibility of producing a dvd producer in tandem with ImgBurn? DVD Flick uses your program with their builder, cannot it be that ImgBurn might also do the same?


Please believe me, I'm not trying to offend anyone. I'm only wishing that there were simpler solutions to accomplishing a simple event. To reproduce, edit, shrink my files and burn them onto a disc without feeling like I'm in the middle of a cyclone.


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ImgBurn is a burning program and that is what it does. Converting or altering a data file is not something that the author is interested in, as he has mentioned several times before on these forums. If you are having a problem, such as:

data too large, Invalid field in CDB

then post a complete logfile with the burn/error/warning entries and we'll be able to walk you through a series of suggestions that will undoubtedly help you to complete your burns successfully.

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