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Simple "Copy Disc" option


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I'm surprised that after all this time I don't see any easy way to simply copy a cd with ImgBurn. Sure I can make and image of it, then burn that image to a CD, but that seems complicated (for some) for just a simple copy of a disc.


I'd like to request a feature, an option to copy a disc. Have ImgBurn make an image of the CD in a temp folder, then eject the source CD, prompt for the destination CD, wait for the user to insert blank media. Once inserted, ImgBurn then burns the just created image to the CD, optionally verifies it, and then ejects the disc. Then alert the user that it was successful, finally clean up any temp files created.


For as advanced and feature rich as ImgBurn, it seems like this should already be there. I can't imagine I'm the first to ask either, so I don't know if there's backstory as to why this isn't an option.

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