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differance between Imgburn/dvd decrypter

Andy S

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It seems like I am the only one who don't know how to use (Imgburn with dvd shrink) I want to do vido with shrink and Imgburn,but just can't

understand how to get Imgburn to do what decrypter does. I would like all of the help I can get.as to getting,them working. I just used Dvd Decrypter and Shrink,today

and after so long I got the video on Imgburn,Please can someone tell me In writing how to Bypass Decrypter and just use Shrink and Imgburn.


I am 72 years old and consider myself about average,around a computer, so if there is help OUT there PLEASE I NEED IT...


      Thanking You In Advance



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I remember those 2 OLD programs. There are many opinions as to what is ok as far as copying and making backups of content that we purchased and there were, and still are many programs that will defeat the copy protection that is on some discs, but at a certain point, the author of DVDdecrypter stopped development and support of that product. At that time s/he stated their reason, but that is now all in the past. The focus now is on ImgBurn and this forum has made it a point to state it does not discuss defeating any copy protection.

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As hollywood stated, we do not discuss ripping/trans-coding in any fashion here.  You can use Google or whatever your search engine is and find a wealth of info about how to use any of the programs you mentioned as well as many others that are out there.


I'm locking this topic to discourage further discussion of this subject.

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