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Official Joliet Directory Depth Limit?

Disco Makberto

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Hi, LUK & e-readers!


I am confused about something. I understand that the Joliet filesystem is an extension of the ISO9660 filesystem, and as such, it ought to have a directory depth limit of 8 levels since the ISO9660 filesytem has a directory depth limit of 8 levels. I think that ImgBurn works this way. However, some people claim that this is not applicable when the Joliet extension is used. If you go to:


http://www.controlledvocabulary.com/imagedatabases/filename_limits.html ,


you can read: "note that ISO 9660 has an explicit directory tree depth limit of 8, although this depth limit is removed when using the Joliet extensions." Even Microsoft has something to say at:


http://support.microsoft.com/kb/125630 .


There, when Joliet is compared to ISO9660, you can read that Joliet "is designed to resolve some of its restrictions and ambiguities including:"..."Directory Tree Depth limitations."


I understand that this limitation can be unofficially broken, but why are these people implying that this possiblity of breaking it is an official position? As a matter of fact, what is the official position? If it is possible to have more than 8 levels, what is the maximim that can be had (within compliance)?




Carlos Albert 

Disco Makberto






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