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TV System doesn't match error


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Hey all, I'm trying to burn a DVD using VIDEO_TS and assorted files located on my hard drive.


When I used the burned DVD, I get a TV system doesn't match error on my PS2 and my DVD player, but it works ok on my PC.



The IFO files on my hard drive show the movie region free and that there is no RCE protection.


I used a Memorex (Ritek) DVD+R disc, single layer. I have the dual-layer Verbatim but they are mighty expensive and the movie files fit on a single-layer DVD.


Besides, I know my DVD player and PS2 will play the Ritek DVDs ok, I burned another movie backup of Pitch Black on an identical single layer Ritek and it plays great.


What am I doing wrong? Is there a PAL/NTSC setting or something??


By the way, the burner I have is a Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-110.

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It is most likely the problem is with the authoring process. If the source dvd is an ntsc disc and your player is a pal system (or vice versa), you will probably get the error. Try reauthoring it with the tv system that is on you stand-alone dvd player (if you can). Otherwise, we can't really help you.

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Those Ritek media have taken a swan dive in the last year - quality is quite variable now. This is especially true of the G05 media code.


You can tell if it PAL or NTSC easily. Open the DVD in PgcEdit, right click on the main movie and select Domain Stream Attributes.


I strongly doubt you'd have a PAL/NTSC issue if the DVD is sourced locally.



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