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MKV burning issues


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Ok I am using Multiavchd to create my blu rays. then from there writing them with imgburn

there is something going wrong with my mkv dual audio videos though. And m4v is having the same problem 

I tried converting it with tsMuxER but it made the video a bit blocking in places and totally took off the english audio and subtitle tracks.

Am I doing something wrong or what.

Side note when trying to add the video to tsMuxER it says it cant load a track as well

These videos are in 1080p as well

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Obviously it's the conversion software or the files themselves. You may not have said it was imgburn, but you did post in IMGBURN support forum section. I said nothing about Blu-ray nor DVD. You need to consult the forums for your conversion or where you got the files. As said it's not an imgburn issue, you're looking in the wrong place.


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