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Problems with dvd+r DL


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im from sweden, please excuse me for my bad english.

Ive destroyed 5 TraxData dvd+r DL discs now, an im like desperate to get things working again.


everything is normal, until like 50-60 %. And after this, everything is totally fucked up.


i get the following message, every time. First:

failed to write sectors 2247872-2247903


and, short after that:

invalid adress for write.


please, help me. im tired of buying these expensive discs, and everything i get out of them is nothing.

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i think you've just been lucky so far with the traxdata disc's , for Dual Layer DV9 disc's the only reliable media is Verbatim , nothing else has the same consistency as verbs .


Your error message is "failed to write sectors 2247872-2247903", simply explained, it means the drive cannot find the sectors on the disc that relate to 2247872-2247903, most likely cause is the media is not readable . This problem can be confirmed by trying Verbatim dual layer disc's instead. If its successfully, then stick to verbs for dual layer .

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Plus, the errors are near the edge of the disk, where inferior media is most likely to error out. 2 things you can do:


1. Change to Verbs and be happy

2. Be stubborn and continue to use crap media but ensure your projects leave a few hundred MB on each layer unwritten at the edge of the disk.



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