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burning music cd's ?


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I tried IMGBURN from advice, a program that will let you burn at lower speeds than others..

Maybe this program is not used to do what I want..

I just want to take wav files on my hard drive and burn them to disc at 6x

With the disc at once option..

Can this program do this ?


My reason for trying is I have problems with my discs playing in older players and some advice was to burn slower.. Nero and other programs I have tried will not let me burn slower than 16x

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Welcome to the forum,


Imgburn won't let you burn audio cd's yet, it's being worked on and should be ready for the next release.

Many writers don't support slower burning speeds on cd-r's, I have found 16x to be a good burn speed for audio using a good writer and premium blanks, some players hate burned disks.


Good players will play data cd's with mp3's, which imgburn does do now.

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The problem is if you're media burn rates are not low enough then no software will burn lower than that as the media is telling the burner that it will only burn at a minimum of xxx speed


I have some CDR media I use that refuses to burn at x8 as the media doesn't support that speed, so I have to burn my audio at x4 as the next speed is x10 which causes skipping problems on older CD players as its too fast a burn



And yes burning slower, especially with audio, will make it play without skipping on older CD players


I've proved it in the past when I burnt a CD at x16 by accident and it skipped badly, re-burnt it on the same media, with the same software and same audio tracks on the same CD player, but burnt at x8 and it played perfectly


In car CD players are the worst for skipping if burnt to fast

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