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Avi to DVD converter

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Kev - SUPER is a free converter.







Hey Blu, Got super here along with a million other proggies............ >_< Thought I had used it at one point for avi > dvd converting......... :rolleyes:>_< Really gotta start cleaning up this puter....... too many proggies running on this thing........ :blink::blink::lol:

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Happy new year! New to this forum. Not to backing up DVDs. Still getting hardware and wanted to get some of this type of software. Am going to need a decent AVI to DVD converter and you have just given me some new ideas. Like the fact that there are freeware as well as paid for programs in this topic. Thanks lots and many!!!

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My only complaints about dvd flick are/were the size being slightly smaller for chosen output, but then i figured out it was allowing space for a menu to be added later


it doesn't support graphical subtitles but they suck anyway


it hangs on badly encoded avi's


convertx2dvd has that damn watermark, and even the paid version can't get size even close to right, sure it's fast but the conversion quality shows where dvdflick keeps almost all the quality afaik


I still can't figure out what's so super about super anyway, flick is easier and does the job it was designed to


super may do more but it's not a good avi to dvd tool

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