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Verbatim DVD+R DL Made in India....my result


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Hi all,

I was going to post this under the 'Media' subforum but I think that section may be locked.

Getting a spindle of Made in Singapore Verbatim DVD+R double layers have been difficult (or expensive) so I settled for Made-in-India ones made by MoserBaer.

The test result from DVDInfoPro didn't look too bad.


DVD test drive: Pioneer 107D

Burner: LG GSA-H22L. Burned at 2.4 X

Software: Imageburn (great app, by the way)


See here or attachment: http://i270.photobucket.com/albums/jj92/el...pg?t=1197028349


PIF peak of 7, PI peak of 86....and total PI errors under 100,000. I just started reading about PIPO errors but this doesn't look too bad, definitely serviceable though not perfect.

I've made some dual layer burns and the result aren't always consistent though, some have a big spike just once right at the end (7GB, 8GB mark), and some have spikes near the layer change area.


I tested some of my old DVD-R discs (from past years) and they've got massive PI and PIF spikes on them, but they still verified okay when I made the burn, and could be read fine today. So, would these spikes affect anything else or will they just slow down the read speed at certain points?


Last question: Does the quality of the test drive might affect the result shown on DVDInfoPro or other benchmark program? Would I get a 'better' result if I use a BenQ or LiteOn drive for testing?



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