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mds created?


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"The most common 12 cm DVD-R disc has 2,298,496 sectors, 2048 bytes each; it holds 2,298,496*2048=4,707,319,808 bytes, or 2,298,496*2=4,596,992 KB, or 2,298,496/512=4489.25 MB, or 2,298,496/(512*1024)=4.38 GB of data.



The difference is that there are different definitions on megabyte and gigabyte. When the program shows how many megabyte the disc can hold it uses the same definition of megabyte as Windows does, 1 megabyte = 1024 X 1024.

Disc manufactures uses the same definition as producers of hard disks does, 1 megabyte = 1000 X 1000. But in reality it's the same amount of data that they are talking about. 4483 megabyte = 4483 X 1024 X 1024 = 4700766208 bytes = 4,7 GB.



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I made 3 isos of dvds, and for some reason the third one creates an addition .mds file along with the iso.


1st iso- 1.02GB

2nd iso- 3.81GB

3rd iso- 4.50GB


I'm thinking its because of the file size? But the real question here is should I burn just the iso or the mds?


As its to large for single layer, IB decided to create an .mds file , which as Loco said unless your burning Dual layer , it doesnt matter. Your ISO IS a dual layer size project, so the .MDS file you have will hold all the info about the layer break :whistling:

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