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Device buffer always 0%-02% and burn failed at 70% (LG IDE-USB)


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Hello people,


I just bought a new LG drive and got some problems burning disc and would need your help.


My setup:

Machine: Acer Aspire One sub-notebook (or netbook).


Rom Ver.: 1.04

Manufatured: 2007 12 24


I'm hooking this LG drive to my notebook via an IDE-to-USB adapter.


The problem

I setted the i/o buffer to 257mb and then started burning an .iso with a Verbatim DVD+R lightscribe at 4x.

Two things:

a) The device buffer was always switching between 0% and 2%.

B) When the burn reached 70%, the speed droppe to 0.0x then i got the "..thresold.. burn failed" (don't remember the exact msg) error msg.


Do you have an idea what the cause of this? I thought plugging via USB shouldn't be a problem..?


Thank you,


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I tried updating the firmware via USB, however, i get an error. I will post a screenshot later on.


It's weird tho. I have set I/O buffer to 50mb and was able to burn 4.5gb of data files into a DVD-R without problem. However, the device buffer always stayed at 0% - 2%.


I will try again the .ISO and will post logs if i encounter error again.

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all these new "sub"notebooks have small processers and small amounts of RAM , where a normal size notebook will happily write at 4x-8x i would guess these new variants of notebook will struggle to sustain 4x .


Uisng a IDE to USB adaptor is going to be slower than a direct USB 2 connection anyway, possibly why the device buffer is always running so slow.


Without a log file its just a guessing game , if you go to Main Menu -> Help -> ImgBurn Logs

you will find all the logs from past burns, so dig one of those out and post it for us to check for you.

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