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can imgburn shrink the file to fit on a dvd -r


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i have burnt a hired dvd to my PC using dvd fab decrypter and i am trying to use imgburn to burn to a dvd-r. the calculator says the file is too large can i shrink the file to fit somehow with imgburn?


You need dual-layer disc.

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Use either DVD Shrink or SlySoft CloneDVD



DVD Shrink is still available and there is a patched version that will let you use IMGBurn instead of DVD Decrypter or Nero


CloneDVD isn't free, but just a fine job as long as teh compression ratio isn't something silly, anything less than 85-90% then you need better software



I use DVD-RB Pro, its miles better than any transcoder, but its slow as it rebuild the DVD to fit the bitrate so give much much higher quality, there is also a very basic free version of DVD-RB you may want to look at

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Did you stop to think before you answered, that maybe...just maybe...we didn't answer for a reason?


We offer no guidance here about transcoding, ripping or fussing with data in the many ways it can be fussed with.


This is the ImgBurn website, other info can be gathered by the poster if they follow our sometimes lame attempts to push them in the right way without getting involved in things that we should not.





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