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Having trouble burning 360 games


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I just bought ImgBurn, and am trying to backup my 360 games. Tried Gears of War 2 first. I followed instructions, but when trying to write .iso file to my drive, the top bar filled in 4 seconds. No change in bottom bar (buffer). After trying to burn this .iso file to disc, it writes in about a minute. However the disc will not pla in my 360. I get a screen that says to insert disc into a 360. This line is in english, and about 7 lines below it in different languages. What is wrong? I figure these are dula-layer discs being used by the 360 originals, but nothing copies at all.

At first I got an error saying the dvd drive was locked, but I used the explorer program suggested here and saw that IE Explorer was using the dvd drive. After I exited all programs including Explorer, the error message did not appear, but the problem noted above continues.


I tried to attach the logfile


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