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    ImgBurn v2.4.2.0 Released!

    I really love this program and the latest final is great. Easy to use and nice interface. Though is there any news about a 64 bit vista version? Does it work in 64 bit version of vista? The reason I ask is because I am a musician/producer. I work on movies and music. Basically 32 bit programs only can use up to 3 gigs of ram. 64 bit can use up to 128 gigs of ram. We need more ram to process all the Vst plug ins, the applications themselves and possibly multiple instances of each, not to mention vista is now using upwards of 1 gig to run. I really think that the future of computers is going to be 64 bit as applications continue to become larger thanks to our cpus and motherboards and ram having more power and faster speeds. I really don't want to use another program, because imgburn works so great for what I need to do and it is simple and not to many overwhelming options for simple tasks, like Nero. Anyway I am asking if this has vista 64 bit support and if not is there any possibility of 64 bit support in the future? I am getting ready to make a triple boot system and 64 bit will be on there.

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