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  1. That dates back to the days of CDs. It’s nothing to do with any movie on the disc.
  2. Disconnect the drive Load the program and enable I/o debug mode Connect the drive. Post the log (in so far as it gets). Thanks
  3. It was probably just opening up off the screen - perhaps due to a multimonitor setup/resolution change or something? It remembers its last location - in terms of X,Y on your screen/desktop. Removing the value you claim didn't work will reset the position of the window. It'll only do that if ImgBurn isn't already open because the settings are loaded when the program is first opened and then saved when it's closed. Removing the value you mentioned (or setting to 1, which is the default anyway) only shows the top 'Explorer' part of the DLE window (so the bottom part doesn't then take up the entire thing). It has nothing to do with the actual DLE window being visible or its location.
  4. What sort of bootable image do you have? What is the purpose of the image, where did you get it from etc. You can extract the bootable image from a drive/disc using ImgBurn, but not from within an image. You could mount the image in a virtual drive program (or Explorer) and extract via that though. We'd need to know more about the image and its contents before being able to offer any real help.
  5. I don't understand the purpose of this topic? The disc layout editor window is only shown when you're in Build, with 'Advanced' input mode selected and you actually click on the 'Show Disc Layout Editor' window button. The setting you've commented on is to do with the Explorer style section of that window, and it's toggled on/off via the left most button on the DLE window's toolbar.
  6. Was the burn log free from warnings / errors? Assuming it was, I'd probably start by running memtest or similar on your machine, just to rule that out.
  7. The value reported in the disc info panel on the right comes from the drive / disc. It is accurate.
  8. If you're trying to burn a DVD, I'm afraid you won't be able to with that drive. It can read DVDs burn it can't burn them. It can only burn CDs.
  9. The day will come and words/hats will be eaten. I messed around with the code basically as soon as I read the 'bug' report, but it then became 12:30AM and I had to call it night. I'm not currently in a position to be able to test anything (I need such an image for a start), but once I have, the change will make it onto the changelog ready for the next release.
  10. Are you using some sort of autoloader for doing all those discs? If not, just close the program occasionally and take a copy of the log file (give it a unique name each time). There's nothing you can do to change the log cut off point as it's all hardcoded.
  11. One includes ISO9660 and Joliet file systems, the other doesn't.
  12. Sometime they were authored/pressed in a way that can't be reproduced by a writer unless RAW mode is used - and ImgBurn doesn't do RAW. The drives do a bit of a 'sanity check' on what's being burnt and like to correct things. If the disc works, you probably don't need to worry about the issues if they're only in the sync/header areas.
  13. If you include UDF, the stuff in ISO9660 will never get seen (by anything that supports UDF) - so there's almost no point in changing the ISO9660 options unless it's the only file system you're including on the disc. Well done for getting it semi working with turning off UDF unicode support.
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