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  1. You can / could get proper disc cleaning / polishing / resurfacing devices. Not sure if such things are still made. Perhaps Google for a video on how to clean a disc with something like toothpaste or similar?
  2. Looks like the drive in your pc has the same problem with the disc that your PlayStation does. You could try getting the disc cleaned / polished or you’ll have to get another copy.
  3. Nobody is going down that rabbit hole.
  4. Read their website. The whole idea behind M-Disc is for long term storage.
  5. Your drive can only burn CDs, not DVDs. So if you're trying to burn a DVD, that'll be why it isn't working.
  6. Maybe it's running USB 1? If you just leave it to complete, the log will show the average speed and that'll help. You can access the log window via the View menu. The program automatically saves the log when you close it. You can access the log file itself via the Help menu.
  7. If ImgBurn doesn't tell you that it won't fit, it'll fit. There's just more chance of the drive failing to burn / close the disc on the outer edge. It still shouldn't get stuck forever though. Can you hear the drive doing anything? Does it keep spinning forever? When you eventually force it to end (by powering off the machine or whatever), can you then restart the machine and is the drive able to initialise the disc ok? What comes up in the disc info box on the right when you fire up ImgBurn and go into Write mode?
  8. Please post the log of the entire burn session. Sync cache is a command send to the drive once all the data has been transferred to it. The drive then goes off and completes the burn. For whatever reason, your drive appears to be having a problem doing that - maybe because it's right at the edge of the disc?
  9. Yes, I wrote ImgBurn. Sorry, I think it's an MP3 type disc or nothing if you want album art. CD Players didn't have screens capable of displaying images, so it wasn't something they'd have considered. Even CD-TEXT was rare.
  10. Please provide links to such guides and I’ll take a look.
  11. On a proper audio CD, no, I’m afraid not. All you can add are the album / song names in CD-Text etc. As you say though, that sort of thing works if you’re burning an mp3 disc.
  12. You aren't really meant to think about the layers when dealing with BD discs. It's always just one big disc. That said, if you don't want to burn on the 3rd, don't add more data than can fit on the first 2. AFAIK, the drive will only move onto the 3rd once they're full.
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