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  1. ImgBurn doesn't make a WEBM file. ISO is the correct format for burning to disc, just use Write mode. If your ISO contains a WEBM file, that's another story - remember an ISO is like a box that you put things in, in this case, someone may have put a WEBM file in it. So take a look around the internet for something that'll convert your WEBM file into the correct DVD Video disc format (a VIDEO_TS folder) and then burn that with ImgBurn in Build mode.
  2. It isn’t an attitude, it’s a fact of life. The internet is full of useful things but you must be careful how you navigate it. Not clicking dodgy links or running suspect files (no matter what they might be pretending to be) is fundamental to your security online. If you object to digital digest’s practices, you really should take it up with them. They actually host this website, so it isn’t possible for me to remove the link - which I will also point out is absolutely fine when I check it. Other mirrors may also rebundle the setup I gave them, they have to pay for the servers and their time somehow. Most would / should be transparent about that fact though - maybe by calling it ‘download manager enhanced’ or something.
  3. Microsoft changed the way USB 3 gets detected after the last release of ImgBurn came out. So it only sees a device as USB 2 on newer OS's. Yes, USB 2.0 / 3.0 makes a difference, but it's purely a cosmetic issue in ImgBurn.
  4. Everybody needs to be responsible for their own actions. I've provided each of the mirrors with a 'clean' copy of the program. What they do with it after that down to them, and it's not my place to police it - they run their own websites and I have no say in what goes on. Most AV tools pick up on these PUA (potentially unwanted application) bundles, so I'm surprised it let you run whatever you downloaded anyway. If your setup is anything like the one in the other thread, your SO must have also agreed to the elevation prompt when launching the 'reward tool' or whatever it was called. Expecting ImgBurn and installing a 'reward tool' - red flag, red flag. I'm sorry you fell victim to this but you only have yourself to blame. Hopefully you can clean your system up easily enough.
  5. That’s disc usage, not progress. There is no issue here.
  6. Post the log please. I’m curious to see what it says. Drives need to be mmc compliant, maybe yours isn’t.
  7. Go into Read mode within ImgBurn, click the ‘view media info’ button and see what gets listed for the cd-text info - assuming that’s where you’re getting the names from.
  8. You probably need something that supports writing in RAW mode - which ImgBurn doesn't do. The one dbminter suggested should do the job.
  9. When you say ‘usb drives’ are you talking about a usb optical drive or a usb memory stick? ImgBurn is for optical drives / discs.
  10. Yes. It's the same version for all OS from Windows 95 -> Windows 11.
  11. No, all versions are created equal. The latest version was developed when Windows 7 was still my main OS.
  12. You think wrong Yes, the 'volume identifier' in the PVD is only 32 bytes, but that isn't the one any implementation reads from. The ones that get read are the (logical) volume identifier's in the LVD and FSD. They're 128 bytes. Sometimes it's possible to be too exact with the naming of things in a gui (when using naming from a spec) and so I opted to drop the 'logical' from the name, leaving us with 'Volume Identifier'. Volume set identifier is something totally different. That's 128 bytes too. Read in the UDF 2.50 specs again.
  13. Yes, it gets updated all the time The last few updates had cookie problems and they released about 3 updates within a couple of weeks.
  14. The 212V appears to be a Vinpower exclusive drive, so the firmware would come from here: https://www.vinpowerdigital.com/downloads
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