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  1. You may need RAW mode writing for that... which ImgBurn doesn't support. The image is / was meant for Padus DiscJuggler, but they've shut down, so you probably can't get it now - not legitimately anyway.
  2. ImgBurn won't be shifting anything, so the issue lies elsewhere. Stick to using the special software.
  3. How are you even telling it to start the verify process? I don’t recall giving the user an option to speed things up. It cycles the tray and then proceeds once the drive thinks it’s ready again. If you have to push the tray in manually, it would just wait longer.
  4. Cancel out of that box and post the log please. It could be that your drive doesn’t support the discs.
  5. I'm pretty sure it's just based on the name of the disc. You might be able to force a name and the program will then try to make it unique (add a '(1)', '(2)' etc to it), but don't quote me on that! There's definitely no support for grabbing names from a CSV or whatever.
  6. The first error is the one you need to focus on. So, your drive is reporting a 'Write Error'. Which other drives have you tested?
  7. If the inserted media doesn't appear to be rewritable (or cannot be determined), you're given the option to override. So the user probably just selected DVD+RW. I've never seen rewritable DVD+R DL media... have you?
  8. You'll have to use a new blank one, you've wasted that one I'm afraid. Your discs are 'Write Once, Read Many' (WORM) discs and cannot be erased / overwritten.
  9. There is no absolute end of life like that. It works until it doesn’t. At that point, you’ll get write errors or it won’t be readable (verify will fail).
  10. Did you use Read mode to make the image of the disc? It should have created a CUE file to go with that BIN file, you shouldn’t be doing it manually. To actually use the BIN/CUE, you then need to mount the CUE in a virtual drive program.
  11. There's nothing obviously wrong with what you've done. As 'invalid parameter' is often to do with memory alignment, I'd guess you just need to tweak things a little so everything is happy. I have a 'DWORD filler' between your 's' and 'sense' to realign on dword boundaries - going by the comment next to it anyway
  12. The plus/robot drives just basically have burnermax built in. As you know, the XGD3 images are too big to burn to a DVD+R DL under normal circumstances. Burnermax allowed for a bit of overburning on specific drives and these vinpower ones support overburning by default and that’s all that matters (not the burnermax bit) You will not get good results trying to overburn anything other than the verbatim discs. Alternative manufacturers weren’t even that reliable for regular sized images, let alone oversized ones.
  13. Yes, the optiarc, piodata and plextor ‘plus’ / ‘robot’ models all support dvd+r dl over burning out of the box.
  14. You can still buy brand new drives from vinpower that’ll do the job. No need for a B drive, most versions after B worked just fine.
  15. Modifying the image using your hex editor is the quickest way right now, but ultimately you want ImgBurn to be able to insert the padding by itself.
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