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I/O Error when I tried to make image file from DVD disc

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Is this a recordable disc or a pressed DVD?  The book type says DVD-ROM, but I'm not sure if that's just a recordable disc that has had its book type set to DVD-ROM.  However, I'm guessing it's a pressed disc because I'd think if it was a recordable disc, the log would have listed a Disc ID.



My main guess, though, is your drive seems to be an LG BD?  My experience with LG BD drives is that they're pretty rotten readers.  I've had discs that my LG won't read that my Pioneer will.  (And, yet, I had a case where my Pioneer wouldn't read a disc but the LG would.  :unknown: )



Also, are you sure this disc plays okay to begin with in a DVD player?  It may simply be bad and unreadable at that part to begin with.  However, I doubt that.

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