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  1. Ah, so d was short for denarius, an old Roman coin. Doesn't make much sense but it is an explanation to my question. Thanks! I always thought it funny our last Vice President was Mike Penny!
  2. I believe before decimalization in Britain, prices of things could be listed by 3/11d. I am guessing the 3 is 3 shillings but what is the d? Pence/pennies? If so, what does the d stand for? Thanks!
  3. I don't think such metadata is stored on discs themselves. That would require extra work that the disc manufacturers frankly don't want to do. I think the only kind of similar metadata to what you're looking for that is contained on a BD-R is the MID/DID. What you could do in future is something I adopted. Put in the UDF Label field a brief description and maybe include the date. Or develop some kind of system like Stack 2023-05-19 Disc x. I also tend to, in Build Mode, put a folder and subfolder structure in the root directory with a description of the contents. This usually includes a folder named for the date when the disc was burned.
  4. There is one fault present in all LG drives that I failed to mention. They're not perfect readers. They will many times fail to read data from a disc that other drives like Pioneers will read in. That's one reason why I keep a USB Pioneer drive on hand. If my LG won't read in a particular disc, I plug in my Pioneer USB drive and see if that will read it.
  5. As I said, the only fault I found in the NS40 the last I used it years ago was it did not properly write to DL BD media, but firmware updates since then might have fixed the issues.
  6. The first log you posted in this thread was for 2 MKM-001 burns.
  7. That might work because the write strategy in the firmware for a Ritek DVD+R DL would be different than a Verbatim MKM DVD+R DL.
  8. Oh, are you writing directly to disc and not an image file first? If so, then, opening and changing a file might cause a Verify to fail that way. Your logs posted were for 2.4x Verbatim MKM-001's.
  9. Unfortunately, the only reliable DVD+R DL are the Datalife Plus/AZO series of MKM discs from Verbatim. So, burning Riteks, while they might pass, won't do me any good as I won't use those. If you can't Verify immediately, then make sure the file is closed and do a manual Verify. Although, I fail to see why an open file would prevent a Verify.
  10. I would be interested to see your MKM-003 results. See if you get the same results I did. Admittedly, I only tested one before returning it. Plus, the MKM-003 are the only DVD+R DL you can get new and cost effective. 2.4x discs are still available on the aftermarket but are nowhere near cost effective. My memory was I did test the Verbatim BD-R in the ASUS and it was fine. BD-R SL only, though.
  11. Here's probably why your burn was successful: I 12:03:26 Source Media Type: DVD+R DL (Book Type: DVD-ROM) (Disc ID: MKM-001-00) You were using the 2.4x speed discs. I was using the 8x discs. Disc ID: MKM-003-00.
  12. Unfortunately, if you intend to write to DVD+R DL, that ASUS will fail at the Verify at the layer change. It needs a firmware update to fix this, which I've TOLD them they need, but they refuse to update it.
  13. I paid $115 for the last one I got on Amazon.com, back in November of 2021. So, I my memory was off as to how much I had paid for it last time. I believe the current prices reflect the state of the market. That LG has probably discontinued the NS60. Even LG's Where To Buy page, when you click on it, shows no one selling it.
  14. Well, the 40K is overpriced at $150. That's about double the price of the NS60 when it was available, and that was a 4K capable drive.
  15. From what I can tell, the main difference with the 40k is it's a triple and quad layer supported BD drive. The NS40 I had was not. The NS60's selling point is precisely that. The 40K appeared to be a 4K supported BD drive, which needs to be able to ready triple and quad layer BD.
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