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Voice Activation of Imgburn

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Hello Imgburn friends,


I bought this voice activation software for my son to use, and of course I'm messing around with it, and guess what? - it will open Imgburn by voice! That is so cool!!! All I have to say is 'Open Imgburn' and it does it. It even does it while saying it in a sentence.


I have no real reason in posting this I just wanted to show I can be as geeky as everyone else. B)


Regards from pleased as punch person... :P

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ive had voice activation for IB for about 3 years .................... I just tell the kids to hit the big button and hey presto .


Try your voice activation software on the Mrs , bet you it dont work >_<

" hey Love, make us a brew? " then her voice activation will kick in with a swift " Make it yourself" !!

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