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  1. OpenCandys gone? Damn I used to love all those free offers and all the forum posts saying how good it was. How about bundling an alternative like perinstallcash or perinstallbucks...
  2. not bad db and happy holiday y'all...
  3. A person may copy a disc if its not protected with DRM. So that means unprotected discs and timeshifting. Here's the draft act which has not been approved by parliament... http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukdsi/2014/9780111112700 Note what it says about appealing to the secrectary of state... Remedy where restrictive measures prevent or restrict personal copying
  4. Not a Sony fan either mainly due to the restrictions on their products. Strange how Samsung & Apple can do no wrong, while others can do no right. The change of attitude with the ps4 looks promising and the new CEO...
  5. Altercuno

    USB 3 speeds?

    My transfer speeds on usb3 max at about 130 MB/s. Had to buy the SATA to usb3 adapter seperate as 1 didn't come with the motherboard. And it keeps falling out the socket,,,
  6. Season 3 Ep 1 apparently. People open the prog just to see the witty sayings...
  7. I actually like the bundled software, best part of it. Also, how about some new funny one-liners when the prog opens? I always get the He-Man ones. Time for my medication...
  8. Trying to think if something the judge will find believable

  9. The toolbar that came with my download said free pussy here, and naturally, being an animal lover...
  10. spinner If you want it free it comes bundled with something. Paid for versions are without the adds,toolbars ect. Just look at apps.
  11. Thanks for the update. Its always amazing how many improvements you keep making year after year - a true labour of love! See you've gone over to Amazon now - good. Could you ask them when the mp3 lead I ordered will arrive please? Hope you are well, life is good and your ointment is free of flies...
  12. Nice article http://www.techradar.com/news/software/applications/best-free-dvd-burning-software-1141938 Imgburn at 1
  13. Altercuno

    Video Nasties?

    Sounds like a classic Give love camp 7 a miss. The nazis look like grampa munster and sound welsh to me. Funny how things change - stuff banned years ago seems tame today...
  14. Altercuno

    Video Nasties?

    Looks like it. Wiki makes interesting reading. Some old films look like being banned for good... Nazisploitation? Jesus
  15. Here's another way to burn them... http://rt.com/usa/news/sandy-hook-violent-games-356/
  16. Don't suppose there's any money in burners any more what with pen/harddrives and such. Thought this was the brand we all fantasise over?
  17. Lots of people getting verify errors. Seems very hit and miss so far...
  18. Glad you brought this up and I couldn't agree more...
  19. It might be worth waiting as cfw to burn the XGD3 format is about to be released
  20. Some blu-ray players have MKV support which might be useful, and a usb port for playing off a memory stick
  21. It's an issue with the new dashboard and some games. Sometimes it plays off the game for a few minutes then the HDD takes over. Make sure you have enough HDD space for the game to fully install, otherwise it will use the disc. I believe there is a workaround - post on an x360 forum for more info. Others here may wish to check your burn so post a log... Edit: Typo
  22. Reading elsewhere truncating the data loses about 3% off the end of the disc which is believed to be padding. It doesn't stop the game from playing. If the disc burned & verified ok then Imgburn has done its job. Problems can be caused by... The ISO was not ripped using the proper method Your 360 isn't flashed with LT+ 2.0. Your 360 drive is spoofed as this is causing issues for some people Your 360's laser/DVD drive is dying or needs calibrating which you would need to read up on an x360 forum as its nothing to do with this one...
  23. Also... c4eva said that LG burners have an issue with the layer break with XGD3 games. Perhaps other burners have the same issue, or are rebranded LGs.
  24. That is one of the new over-sized XGD3 games. :& The rrod source files are suss cos the NFO is wrong. Update Imgburn (which may have fixed this?) and try again
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