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  1. I, for one, would appreciate the one-click disc copy option, even if it was simply a remapped read + write operation. This weekend, I was visiting my parents and they wanted to give me a copy of a disc of pictures they had taken that weekend. I had imgburn on the computer, and was a bit surprised that there was no "copy" feature. Now, I had no issue reading and then writing the data cd image, but if I was to suggest my parents use imgburn for all of their cd copying / burning needs, I doubt they would have figured that out. Adding it as a "quick option" when imgburn starts up would be even better, for the novice user (like my parents) who just want the thing to "work."
  2. Ah, I didn't realize I'd need a filter; I thought the support was native. Gotcha! Thanks.
  3. Hey, When trying to create a CUE file (Tools > Create CD CUE File...) to burn a wavpack audio image, I keep getting this error: The wavpack file plays and burns fine with Burrrn and with foobar2000. Any ideas what's up? It's a regular wavpack file with an embedded cuesheet (all the tracks are in one .wv file). I'm using ImgBurn
  4. When 2.4 comes out, will it be possible to pass ImgBurn cue/bin information from the command line so that other programs could feed it data to burn an audio cd? (I'm thinking of a replacement for foo_burninate, foobar2000's integrated burning component that uses Nero. A component that used ImgBurn would be pretty sweet!)
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