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  1. has development ended? everything works, but is the program still being developed in anyway? maybe getting rid of open candy nonsense would be good ;-)
  2. No problem from me...I READ the installer LOL!!! You should reply there though...don't want ImgBurn to get trashed for some stupid reason. Blah!!!
  3. someone is trashing this new version at videohelp: "Sadly the latest version is full of bloatware. Stick with an older version, DO NOT "upgrade"."
  4. unfortunately this did not help...every time I split a cell ImgBurn asked for me to do another one....usinng DVDSHrink at 95% quality fixed it all up fine....just need space
  5. forgot about that guide....thanks!!!
  6. So my father recorded some movies on this dvd recorder of we kids growing up...I do not want to redo it LOL problem is, he asked me to make some nice menus, this is ok to do....but he recorded a nearly a full dual layer worth of material. After I added the menus, etc there is no room left on the disc. Because of this ImgBurn says it cannot find a spot for a layer break and that I should cry LOL!!! I never fill so much of the space up, usually I goto 7300 meg. What can I do now? Do you think I can just use DVDShrink to reduce the size to 7300 to give ImgBurn some space to find a layer break? thanks in advance
  7. Imgburn has provided me with some options to set layer break....it has offered 2 "excellent" choices. These choise occur on a .bup file and a .ifo file. I have never seen this before...usually it is on a cell in the movie .vob. Is it ok to set the break on a .bup or .ifo file?
  8. ok thanks!!! I have learned a fair bit from this....thanks for taking the time to keep responding; I know it is a bit of a "wierd" topic Enjoy the day (or evening)
  9. Hmmmmmmmmmm.....that is interesting. Is there a way to have ImgBurn to this? That is, create a cuesheet with your audio, add a second session, and NOT load an ISO, just find out the LBA the ISO should be at. then exit, build your "data" session and tell it the LBA you want and then remake your QUE with the ISO? Can this be done? Maybe convoluted 4 sure, but interesting
  10. thanks again....this discussion has made me look a few things up. From Padus: http://www.padus.com/support/manuals/html/...w_CDs/Index.htm AND These are 2 different things, so I guess I mistook ImgBurn's multisession for the ability to make CD-Extra CDs, which it does not. When I saw mulitsession in the changelog I just assumed that the use had the ability to add data folders at will, similar to the way Padus does it, but I was wrong. ImgBurn does let you add ISOs to a session though, but as I said it will not burn and gives NO ERROR message at all anywhere. thanks for clearing this up!!!!
  11. thanks for response!!!! I would make one so you could have say audio + mp3 on same CD, or maybe add some cool stuff for fun like cover art, etc. You know, regular CD audio + data. It is actually neat. It is clear now, however I do wonder what the multisession in ImgBurn is supposed to do then. When I googled multisession audio cd you see that standalone players will only see first session, this play the music and ignore the second session, which would be data and the user could put that into their computer player and get the extra stuff if wanted. So I guess my final question on this is that since standalone players will NOT see the next sessions, what is the purpose of them in ImgBurn if not to add data? Again just curiosity on my part....NOT a complaint.
  12. ok...just trying to figure this out from above: "Create an iso in build mode with your mp3's. Then when making your cue, add the wavs, then the iso as the second session. It will then burn as intended " I am just trying to make a CD-EXTRA so I thought the above statement meant to read: 1. Make ISO of MP3s. 2. Open ImgBurn and in session one add the MP3s for your music CD (to be made into WAVs) 3. Make Session 2 4. Add in the ISO 5. Burn I think this is what JasonFriday meant right? I use Nero to make these things and would like to scrap it all-together (music and data can be useful). I guess I am asking can ImgBurn do this all in one step...if not one step are there multiple steps or guide I can follow? In any case, no error is given in ImgBurn. Am I way off in looking at this Multisession thingy? thanks again....Nero is almost gone now LOL!!!! thanks for ImgBurn
  13. I made the QUE file as described with my MP3s in teh second session as ISO. When I try to burn (that is I open up the QUE file), ImgBurn does nothing and keeps prompting me to open a file....I keep choosing the QUE that I made, but ImgBurn will not open it. Just does nothing. If I remove session 2, then it will burn fine. The QUE for session 2 is: REM SESSION 02 FILE "AN_MP3.iso" BINARY TRACK 14 MODE1/2048 INDEX 01 00:00:00 Session one appears up to as you would expect. If I get rid of the REM SESSION 02 part, then ImgBurn will run happily, when I run with SESSION 02 in, I can load the QUE file, but ImgBurn does not burn....just seems to ignore the file completely...no error given anywhere. thanks again for help!!!!
  14. ok thanks guys!!!!! when you add the ISO to session 2 though the dialog boxes still permit changes to cd Text and pregap....should this be so for adding in the ISO? fun!!!!
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