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  1. Here catalan translation for ImgBurn Salutacions catalan.lng
  2. Here Catalan translation to ImgBurn Cheers! catalan.lng
  3. Here catalan translation to ImgBurn Cheers! catalan.lng
  4. Current review of catalan language to ImgBurn. Base file It works fine on ImgBurn Thx and my apologies for my previous translation errors. Edited because the file was wrong! Changed sorry :-( catalan.lng
  5. Hi, Here is the updated catalan language file for ImgBurn Cheers! catalan.lng
  6. Here Catalan translation to Imgburn Cheers! catalan.lng
  7. This is catalan translation to ImgBurn catalan.lng
  8. Juansa

    Translation into Spanish (ES)

    I sent to [removed] the spanish(spain) and catalan(spain) translations of ImgBurn Juansa I'm sorry, the catalan translation were incomplete. I upload the new version. spanish.zip catalan.zip

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