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  1. Hi all! I was wondering if it would be of any help if I could translate the GUIs literals into Spanish. It could help a lot all the latin community that might be wanting to know for sure what they are doing... If you agree in giving me the translation task, I would only require a sort of ini file with the English literals. I would, then return the Spanish version of the same ini file. In that way, it could be translated into any other language, without compromizing your source code. Do you have any other way of doing it? A .po file, for instance? I always use to give to the creators of useful applications some help in translating their applications into Spanish... (perhaps, if the application was created by a latin programmer, I would offer them the English translation, but that should be better done by a native, don't you think so?) Anyway, I am also a programmer, so I could do it over the code, I you need so. Please, answer soon (while I still have time to spend doing my gratitude effort). By the way, this is a very cute text editor! It works as expected! See U!
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